HARTING – at the top in Westphalia, Germany

Here we feel at home!

The HARTING Technology Group headquarters are located in Espelkamp, in the economically strong German region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe.

Get to know us and you'll realize that "provincial" is just a frame of mind. The district of Minden-Lübbecke, home of the HARTING Technology Group with its headquarters in Espelkamp and subsidiaries in Minden and Rahden, is an international high-tech location that combines attractive jobs with plenty of culture, sports and nature nearby.

We're right at home in this "provincial" rural setting. And we profess this with passion and conviction. Because here, at the Weser and Wiehengebirge hills at the top of North Rhine-Westphalia, the air is healthy and the roads are short. There's plenty of space to reside, enjoy life and relax.

And we are committed to the region, to the people, to our employees, to sport, to culture and to the young generation. For example, Minden is where the striking building of HARTING Deutschland GmbH was built according to the plans of Swiss architect Mario Botta and where handball Bundesliga club GWD Minden is supported. Similarly in Espelkamp. If you wish to experience the famous Berliner Ensemble or the Hamburger Kammerspiele Theatre, you don't have to go to the Spree or Alster.

HARTING is the main sponsor of the German Handball Bundesliga club GWD Minden.

HARTING and the district of Minden-Lübbecke: here you find an exciting and dynamic symbiosis of tradition and modernity, historical yet future-oriented outlooks, respect for proven technology and curiosity for innovation. 

Here are some impressions of our homeland for you to visit:

Many roads lead to Espelkamp: The Minden-Lübbecke district in the north of North Rhine-Westphalia with the HARTING locations in Espelkamp, Rahden and Minden can be reached directly from all directions, via the A 2 and A 30 motorways, the 65, 239 and 482 A roads, by train and - just over an hour's drive away - from the Hanover, Münster/Osnabrück and Paderborn/Lippstadt airports.
The largest open-air museum in Germany: The LWL-Freilichtmuseum Detmold, only 90 minutes by car from Espelkamp
The five Extersteine sandstone rocks located between Horn and Detmold in the Teutoburg Forest.
On top of Porta Westfalica, the Gate to Westphalia: The Emperor William Monument near Minden.
Museum of the Year 2014: Marta Herford, known for contemporary art, but also for its unusual architecture by Frank Gehry.
Espelkamp is colourful!
Home of the HARTING Yell:o Kidz during the summer holidays: The Espelkamp youth center Isy7.
The Minden waterway crossing: from the Weser to the Midland Canal and vice versa.
The cathedral in the lower old town of Minden.
The Westphalian Mills Route connects 43 restored mills - a wonderful excursion possibility.
The Museum Yard Rahden illustrates what living and working in rural Germany is like.
The town hall in Espelkamp
Sporty home of the FC Preußen Espelkamp 1957 e.V.: The Sportpark Mittwald. Not only FC, but all citizens can enjoy the excellent sports facilities here - thanks to the commitment of the Harting family.
If you wish to experience the famous Berliner Ensemble or the Hamburger Kammerspiele Theatre, you don't have to go to the Spree or Alster. Thanks to HARTING, famous ensembles and artistic directors regularly give guest performances at the Espelkamp Theatre.
Sacral architecture from more recent times: the Protestant Thomaskirche in Espelkamp, inaugurated in 1963.
The bend in the Weser in the mill district with a view of the Emperor William Monument.

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