Our responsibility

"Let's be good progenitors!"*

*Rafael Laguna de la Vera, Founding Director of the Agency for Disruptive Innovations, 1964 – today

"The topic of sustainability and social responsibility is more important today than ever." This or something similar could be included in any text about environmental protection. Find out here why this has been part of HARTING's corporate DNA since the company was founded. 

In our family business, the question behind everything we do is: What long term impact will our actions have? Because what we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow.

From left: Philip Harting, Margrit Harting, Maresa Harting-Hertz and Dietmar Harting

It determines what kind of world our children and grandchildren will inhabit in the future. We want to be good progenitors. Thus, 'growth needs roots' means more to us than just meeting legal requirements. Above all, we need intrinsic motivation and the will to make a difference – for each and every one of us. From the little things in everyday life to grand visions for the future.

As a family business, we combine consistency with a willingness to innovate and regional loyalty with a cosmopolitan outlook. For us, this means taking responsibility for people and the environment. We're not only shaping a liveable planet for our future generations. We make the future possible!

Dietmar Harting
Member of the Board, partner, HARTING Technology Group

Little things can move mountains. Marie Harting already knew this. Thanks to her special attention to nature over 75 years ago, she found a four-leaf clover on a vacant lot. She interpreted this as a sign that Espelkamp should be the home of their family and the HARTING headquarters.

Growth needs roots – Sustainability and Social Responsibility at HARTING

For us, the four-leaf clover is still a sign of good luck, but also a sign to protect and preserve all of nature's diversity and uniqueness. Created in the past, our clover also guides us for our future actions. In this way, a small beginning becomes something big and sustainable in the future. 

And we have big plans – again and again. But our success is not luck, it is the result of our shared energy. Our visions underpin our actions: "We want to shape the future with technologies for people" and "We want to create values for people". Our clover serves as a compass to guide all our actions towards a future worth living.

This results in four policies that we follow:

Protect by Seeing and Acting.

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