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Customised Solutions

Based on our complete HARTING Connectivity portfolio, we develop tailor-made cable assemblies to fit your custom requirements – transforming standardised connector housings into tailor-made solutions for your company.

Complex, growing international markets are demanding more specific solutions. The HARTING Technology Group offers electrical interfaces and additional interfaces for power, signals and data that are tailored to your customised requirements. Our engineers develop customised solutions that meet your desired requirements precisely. These solutions are based on HARTING's existing connectivity expertise and supplemented with additional features and solutions.

Market-specific system solutions

Inter-car jumper solutions

The HARTING Technology Group accompanies you through technological transformations.
We design tailor-made solutions to fit your customised requirements for inter-car jumpers mounted between, under or on trains. Based on our wide range of connector products for data, signal and power, as well as the modularity of our Han-Modular® interfaces, we can develop detachable and fixed solutions for all requirements.

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Customised retrofit solutions for rail vehicles

Tailor-made retrofit solutions as well as long-term suitable replacement components and cable assemblies for all application areas in a rail vehicle.

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Customised solutions for bogie cabling in the railway sector

Perfectly coordinated connection technology adapted for extreme requirements.

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Cabling solutions for data centres

With ready-to-plug cable assemblies simplify installation and reduce maintenance costs.


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Pre-assembled cabling solutions speed up installations

Initial commissioning is simplified considerably when you use cables that are pre-assembled according to customer requirements, optimally configured for modular conveyor technology, and adapted to the ambient conditions.

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Optimal energy distribution for decentralised drive technology

Power distributors enable a continuous and safe distribution of energy to components such as motors and converters in conveyor Systems.

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Fibre-optic rotary joints

Connection with glass-fibre instead of copper:
Fibre-optic rotary joints from HARTING – an innovative solution for transmitting broadband data from a rotating system to a static system.

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Customised developments

Partnership-based development of an all-round solution

Successful with Co-Engineering

HARTING supports Siemens in the development of a new generation of frequency converters.


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Cabling for decentralised power supply

PULS FIEPOS cabling - customised from a single source

Pre-assembled solutions ensures the power supply is versatile, modular and decentralised.


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Special purpose machine manufacturer simplifies control cabinet installation

The large number of connections and the resulting high number of connectors from each machine to the control cabinet was a challenge.

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Design a new part or retrofit the old switchgear facility?

What can be done if critical components in an old switchgear facility are no longer available? Normally, it would not make financial sense to design a completely new part.

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Modified products

Customised components

HARTING's standard components can be adapted for customised solutions. At your request, we customise HARTING standard components and transform standardised connector housings into customised solutions.

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