Cabling solutions

Customised solutions for bogie cabling in the railway sector

Perfectly coordinated connection technology adapted for extreme requirements

The railway sector places demanding requirements on connection technology and cabling, especially for bogie applications. That is why HARTING offers extensive expertise for developing of sensor, data, signal and power cabling. The constant movement of the components, continual vibrations, as well as the dangers posed by rock impacts and variable weather conditions all present very tough demands on the quality and reliability of the materials used.

Axle sensor cabling on a wheel axle is used to monitor the speed of the train.

Adapted to the extreme requirements

HARTING develops and manufactures cabling solutions for bogies and under-floor cabling. These supply data, signal and power in trains. This versatile, standardised cable protection not only features a high mechanical load capacity, but also excellent UV and weather resistance, so that it is well adapted to the extreme requirements of the railway market. Thus, it is protected against ballast stones (gravel) being swirled up from the track bed, also known as ballast flight. This is caused by the suction effect on the sub-floor resulting from the high speeds. If impacted by such ballast stones, unprotected components can be damaged which can cause them to fail.

Jakobs bogie on a train with cabling solutions from HARTING.

Outstanding durability guaranteed

The robust housings of HARTING's Han® HPR series feature all the properties needed to survive in this harsh environment. When used together with the modular Han-Modular® connector series, the proper, individual solution can be found for every application. The Han® HC contacts (HighCurrent) are very well suited for transmitting high currents. The use of perfectly matched components ensures a long service life for the cabling solution, which then minimises maintenance costs and speeds up maintenance. During maintenance work, the connection can be quickly and easily disconnected and re-connected using a cable assembly.

Customised cabling solution with HARTING connectors, which can be connected directly as a Plug-and-Play solution.

Customised simulations and tests

Based on customer requirements, HARTING develops both customised and standard solutions that contribute to modularity. This increases interchangeability, reduces production costs and speeds up development. Production specialists plan the mechanical and electrical construction as well as the design of the overall system. At our in-house accredited HARTING test laboratory (certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018), we carry out individual simulations and tests using internal measurements to verify the required performance of the data cables. This means that our systems are 100% electrically and mechanically tested so they can be used immediately in Plug-and-Play mode. In compliance with EN 45545-2 (HL1 – HL3), the bogie cabling meets the fire protection requirements for railway vehicles.

Global competence

HARTING's global competence centres enable us to develop tailor-made solutions for our customers and to produce them close to their place of use by taking advantage of our local and regional certified manufacturing centres. We meet all the requirements of the railway market.