Han® HPR VarioShell

The next level of inter-car jumper solutions

HARTING's new housing system enables easy handling and can contribute significantly to weight reduction.

Standardisation, the reduction of energy consumption as well as easy handling to save installation time are major trends in the railway industry. The new Han® HPR VarioShell was developed as a highly flexible housing system especially for inter-car jumpers. The new Han® family member offers a huge amount of possibilities and benefits.

Designed for a longer lifetime

The design of the Han® HPR VarioShell has been developed on the requirements of our customers. The shape of the cover ensures an optimised flow for water, dust and dirt to protect the screws from environmental influences.

In the next step we thought about snow and ice protection. A special contour on the back of the housing ensures that ice can expand behind the housing. This brings less stress on the housing, leading to a longer lifetime.

Optimised design against water, dust and ice leading to a longer lifetime
HARTING Han® HPR VarioShell - The next level of inter car jumper solutions
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Time savings during the whole installation process

The two-piece housing achieves IP69K using a counter pressure frame, thanks to the all-round internal seal. As the cover is removable, the housing can be equipped from the interior of the vehicle as well as from the outside. Cables can easily be routed through the wall, which leads to additional weight reduction due to shorter cable runs.

Easy accessibility also reduces the effort required for operation, service and maintenance. Not all connections have to be interrupted in the event of a fault. Instead, it is possible to open the housing cover to identify and replace the faulty conductors or contacts.

The optional cable manager helps to separate cables

The Han® HPR VarioShell is an open system that additionally provides counter pressure frames, cable managers and shielding plates to guide and intercept cables of different diameters. The new housing system can be used as a classic surface mounted housing or bulked mounted housing - and forms a robust alternative for distribution boxes, for example on the roof of the vehicle, on the outside wall or on the bogie.

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