Safe connection with Han® Q 5/0 and 36 coding options

HARTING has equipped the Han® Q 5/0 insert for crimp contacts with a wealth of coding options. Coding is useful wherever several connectors with inserts that are impossible or difficult to distinguish from one another are mounted side-by-side in applications. Coding is intended to make it impossible for incorrect plugging to occur. This makes the connector safer when being handled.

Han® Q 5/0 Einsätze

The use of two pluggable red pins gives the Han® Q 5/0 a total of 36 different options for coding. The new Han® Q 5/0 insert with coding option – article no. 09 12 005 3004 (pin), 09 12 005 3104 (female) – is plug-compatible with the previous Han® Q 5/0 versions with crimp or Quick Lock connection.

The possible plug-in positions in the insulator are indicated by upper-case letters, facilitating correct assembly.