Han-Modular® Pneumatic Module Metal ideal for flexible production

In order to meet the increased demands on interfaces in flexible production, HARTING has developed a new pneumatic module – the Han® Pneumatic Module Metal. The new module features robust as well as durable metal contacts and can be plug/unplugged at least 10,000 times. The new module allows users to take advantage of compressed air even in production plants which are often reconfigured, e.g. to power drives, controls, brakes, holding and unloading devices.

Angled Han® pneumatic contacts Metal allow more space for the wiring in the connector housing.

The new interface is characterised by an increased maximum operating pressure: instead of the previous upper limit of 8 bar (Han® pneumatic module with plastic contacts), the contacts now withstand a constant pressure of 10 bar.

As a result, the Han® Pneumatic Module Metal covers the entire “low-pressure” range. This expands the number of possible applications for pluggable compressed air distribution systems.

In addition to the already available Han® Pneumatic Metal contacts, as of December 2017 HARTING will offer pneumatic contacts with angled connections. The variant considerably facilitates the assembly of the pneumatic modules. Where there is little wiring space available in housings, the angled pneumatic contacts ensure that the bending radii of the pneumatic hoses do not fail to meet minimums. As a result, malfunctions are countered during assembly. The angled versions of the pneumatic pin and female contacts for the Metal are also equipped with Push-In connection Technology.

The angled variants increase the number of housings available for pneumatic applications. Since guide pins and sockets are no longer needed, the use in all housings compatible with the Han-Modular® series is possible, e.g. Han-Eco®, Han-Yellock®, Han A®, and Han® B – with no restrictions.

In order to simplify the interface design for the Han® Pneumatic Modules Metal, HARTING offers a booklet with detailed technical information and installation instructions for the Han® Pneumatic Module Metal.