An overview of our products and solutions

Connectivity & Smart Connectivity

Our key areas of expertise:

Connecting and networking with industrial, logistics and information technology.

  • Device Connectivity
    Complete connector and installation strategies for industrial infrastructures

  • Installation Technology
    Repeatedly setting new standards with our connectors, such as the Han® series

  • Smart Connectivity
    Connectors and devices as cyber-physical systems for connecting the facility to the cloud.

Industrial computers and RFID

Since the MICA platform can be used for digital retrofits, the focus is on RFID solutions and energy data acquisition.

peraMIC GmbH & Co. KG
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Customised solutions

We deliver customised solutions with ready-to-use assemblies, modifications and new developments that are fast, versatile and global. These take advantage of HARTING products for their foundation.

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3D-MID solutions

The miniaturisation expertise at HARTING has helped to make space-saving injection-moulded circuit carriers an indispensable part of medical technology and automobile manufacturing.

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Charging components and termination technique

We are your E-mobility partner, with a complete line of charging components and global termination technique.

Whether its charging equipment or electro-magnetic systems – we develop and produce customised components for the automobile and industrial sectors.

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Custom machines and injection moulds

Our experience in machinery engineering – whether for sophisticated injection moulds or custom machines – not only benefits our customers but also our entire company.

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Check-out zones

We have expertise and decades of experience in developing and producing retail check-out zones.

So that the customers of our customers don't waste their time waiting in line.

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With distribution centres in Europe, Asia and America, HARTING Logistics handles shipments within the framework of international door-to-door deliveries – customised to meet individual customer requirements when needed – with a certified, secure supply chain, order tracking and 24/7 customer care as part of its all-round service.

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