Wallbox charging

Freely configurable AC and DC charging cables for wallbox and charging station manufacturers

HARTING regards the consistent expansion of the charging infrastructure as a crucial factor for the success of electromobility: rapid and smooth, glitch-free charging, as well as a dense network of charging points, are considered as representing the basic prerequisites for the successful mobility transition. Providing standardized interfaces in various performance classes in the AC and DC range, HARTING is assisting in enabling this success. 

For example, HARTING has been equipping the world's established automotive manufacturers with suitable charging cables for many years, which are delivered to the end customer together with the vehicle.

HARTING is not only convincing customers with on-board vehicle charging cables in all worldwide common standards. What’s more, our products are also being utilized in the steadily growing area of charging infrastructure for public and private charging.

HARTING is offering the manufacturers of wallboxes and charging stations freely configurable AC and DC charging cables in different performance classes, which can be smoothly integrated into the respective charging application by the manufacturer. With regard to external connections of charging cables, our portfolio offers standardized type 2 charging sockets equipped with either a mechanical or a magnetic lock. The product range is rounded out by wall-mountable plug receptacles, enabling simple and safe stowage of the charging plug.

Furthermore, HARTING's products meet many requirements that are relevant inside the charging applications. A variety of PCB adapters allow customers to flexibly design their control components and conveniently integrate new modules within the existing applications.

Specially shielded network components designed for maximum EMC compatibility, such as Ethernet switches, network cables and PCB connectors, ensure reliable data transfer, especially in the high-current range, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted transmission process.

Thanks to a variety of innovative products, such as PreLink technology or the VarioBoot network connector, as well as the customer-specific design of individual connection components, end customers are continuously provided with maximum flexibility in the design and integration of their components.

In this way, HARTING products are supporting, for example, the modular design of charging stations and thereby easy installation. What’s more, the close cooperation with customers enables the realization of special service interfaces as well as the integration of various components within existing network environments - thereby making important contributions to the mobility transition.