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HARTING, Sick and B&R cooperation for digitalisation in robotics

Learn how can seamless sensor to cloud communication established in robotics.

Three strong pillars will enable robot companies to seamlessly network robots from sensors to the cloud.

Industrial robots are on the job in just about every manufacturing sector. In addition to reliability, robotic intelligence is also becoming increasingly important. KUKA makes robot data available for specific applications such as asset management, troubleshooting, condition monitoring or diagnostics. The challenge here is that communication with the IT level is not yet possible across manufacturers. But robots should seamlessly communicate with its neighbouring machines, workpieces and the cloud.  HARTING, B&R and SICK show how this can be achieved.

Challenge, solution, result: on this page you will find resources detailing the solution to this exciting project.


This PDF fact sheet introduces the challenges and how robot companies can establish seamless sensors to cloud communication and integrate them into new production processes.


In this recorded session from 2022's HARTING INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET week experts from KUKA, HARTING, Sick and B&R talk about establishing the infrastructre for seamless sensor-to-cloud solutions.


In the IOT Industry Bartalk, Bernd Fiebiger (R&D Principal Developer Systems Engineering IIoT) from KUKA sets out his demands on the automation world. The challenge: communication with the IT level is not possible across manufacturers. New technologies and partnerships create standardised and cross-manufacturer networking here.

IOT Industry Bartalk - KUKA