Han® DDD: Strong signal transmission with minimum space requirements

With multi-pole signal interfaces for robots and automatic machines, the protective earth connection often plays a special role. It requires major parts of installation time. Thus, HARTING has increased the contact density of the inserts of the Han D® series for power and signal transmission. While the power and signal contacts of these series are equipped with crimp terminals – therefore ideally suited for prefabrication in large quantities while maintaining high quality – the PE contact has so far been implemented exclusively as screw terminal for application in the field. The new Han DDD® insert for the first time uses PE cavities requiring Han D® crimp contacts

Reduction of assembly time and costs

Switching the PE connection from conventional screw termination to crimp contacts (Han D®) increases the quality of the ground conductor and reduces the assembly time for the entire connector. Costs for the ferrules as well as for the tools needed to attach the ferrules that are usually related to the screw termination alternative are omitted.

The need for space-saving solutions is a fundamental theme in machinery, robotics and automation. It is what prompted HARTING’s development of the Han D® Series, which stands for high contact density and small dimensions. The Han® DDD has twice the number of contacts than the previous standard (up to 130 % of contact surface) – yet retaining the same dimensions and electrical characteristics.

The “Triple D” can transmit signals or power with maximum 107 contacts. The electrical power is equivalent to that of its sister product, the Han DD® (max. 250 V / 10 A). To simplify handling in automation or robotics, HARTING also offers accessories such as grip panels and guiding pins/bushes.

Up to 107 contacts without reducing the nominal voltage: Han® DDD inserts

The Han® DDD can thus optimise the use of interfaces in conventional control cabinets. Existing contact surfaces for interfaces in robotics, for example, are thereby utilised more efficiently. Space-saving applications are possible in all industrial sectors where electrical connections play a role.

Thanks to the crimp technique used, interfaces combining Han D® contacts with Han® DDD monoblocks provide high-quality connectivity. In order to achieve a consistently good contact quality, users must choose between service crimp tools for small quantities and fully automated crimping machines for producing larger volumes. All processing tools perfectly fit to the contacts offered by HARTING.

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