We are creating the future!

75th anniversary of the HARTING Technology Group

The HARTING Technology Group is celebrating an outstanding company anniversary. This anniversary year, we are not only looking back at the beginnings and founding days of the company, but also always looking to the future with the milestones that we have set on our way to becoming a global player. And we have been creating this future for 75 years.

We have compiled our company history in words and pictures in a clear, informative and lively way using an interactive timeline. You will find interesting facts, anecdotes and formative events about HARTING.

On this anniversary, the founding family Harting is reviewing the beginnings and talking about challenges, orientation and goals.

Our local subsidiary in Hong Kong

Established in 1988, HARTING (HK) Ltd. started as logistics hub to supply China and Asia Pacific customers, with the advantage of quicker import  from Germany. Over the years, HARTING Asia Pacific subsidiaries has already built a strong sales and distribution network locally. HARTING HK later provides the sales & administration support across the whole Asia Pacific region, including China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Australia.   With the strong momentum of growing in Asia Pacific, HARTING further operates in Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Besides the business development, HARTING Hong Kong is also proactively participating various CSR events to show the care and responsibilities to the society. By providing a caring working environment to the employees, HARTING Hong Kong won the "Caring Company Award" for eleven consecutive years since 2009.