Higher performance for transformers at work in harsh environments

Launching the Han® HPR HPTC, a high-performance, durable and easy-to-install transformer interface suitable for both outdoor and indoor use is now on the market. As the product meets all relevant standards for railway scenarios - vibration resistance, splash water and salt spray proof - it is also an ideal solution for interfaces in energy plants, especially in coastal and offshore locations.  

The energy transition is in full swing and is pervading all sectors of the industrial arena. Numerous new technologies are being developed and presenting companies with the challenge of transmitting high currents safely and efficiently. Thanks to the Han® HPR HPTC, HARTING is offering durable interfaces for high currents in energy applications. The design is as simple as possible, modular and suitable for use with shielded/unshielded cables. Designed for voltages up to 4.4 kV/1400 A, the connectors can withstand the most diverse conditions encountered globally. They are tested for resistance to salt spray, mechanical influences such as stone impact, soiling and high humidity (up to IP 68/69). Consequently, the system enables long-term stable power transmission, e. g. for generators, converters, large batteries, fuel cells and transformers.

The interfaces were originally developed for power transmission on rail vehicles.

Based on its robustness and longevity, the product caters to sustainability trends and achieves savings, especially due to low installation input and maintenance-free operation. For installation, it is sufficient to insert the crimped contact into the housing and screw the cover plus seal onto the underside. Shrink tubing or taping? No need. Just tighten the cable gland, that's it. The interface can now be used completely maintenance-free. Greasing, cleaning or further checks are not required.

The HPTC is available in 400, 850 and 1400 A classes and transmits significantly more energy than standard solutions (up to 1250 A). All in all, users save on connector weight and material, while temperature development remains the same despite the higher energy density.

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Denny Hellige
Produktmanager, HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG