Our social commitment

"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."*

*Ryunosuke Satoro, 1892 – 1927

Many things in daily life will not succeed if we do them alone. It's great when helpful neighbours or friends are on hand to offer support. Because when we act together, things get done more easily and lead to success more quickly. And being able to help is also a wonderful feeling. We are needed – this not only enriches others but also ourselves. 

Together with many others, we are involved in various projects that create value for ourselves and our environment. This covers a very wide spectrum, and includes associations, science and culture, local kindergartens and retirement homes. Get an idea of our commitment! 

What counts are our connections 

In associations and scientific organizations, we meet like-minded people and join our forces. The exchange of ideas and discussions lead to a common position, which finds its way into society in the form of guidelines for action, political positions or even standards. 

Working in an association means listening, getting to know other opinions, and shaping them. In doing so, I get to meet clients, market participants and partners who are working on current topics as well as economic and technical challenges.

Norbert Gemmecke
Managing Director Global Business Unit HARTING Electric

For sustainable networked mobility, we need motivational forces like HARTING to build our RailCampus OWL.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Witte
First executive board, RailCampus OWL

Industry 4.0 is the recipe for success made in Germany – thanks to committed companies like HARTING that have worked on it from the very beginning.

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger
CEO and scientific director of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI)

Illinois has always been a great place for manufacturing and for business. I am proud to see our work in action and providing to our local Illinois economy.

Bruce Rauner
Former Illinois Governor

We also want to strengthen our roots. That is why we provide targeted support for cultural, sporting and family activities locally and abroad. It's the many small things that create a space worth living for us – a space which we like to help shape. 

Our solidarity pledge to the local Red Cross

HARTING in Italy

HARTING Italia has decided to support the commitment of the Red Cross volunteers in Milan, who provide medical assistance and help the population in rescue activities day by day.
Latest project that we contributed to is the CRI4KIDS project: 50 families with children (0-2 years old) in difficult living conditions will be supported with essential food and products for early childhood.

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Parasports – Sport for all

HARTING in Poland

We are the main sponsor of the first Wroclaw AMP-Futbol team. This is a football team for people with disabilities. The initiative is another step towards breaking down barriers, responding to the needs of people with disabilities and connecting different lifestyles. 

KiTec – children discover technology

HARTING in Germany

Within the scope of KiTec, we sponsor the Espelkamp primary schools and award the annual HARTING Researcher Prize to the winning team. In the competition, groups of kids demonstrate their great ideas, their skill, their team spirit and their creative joy.


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Setting an example together


At the Chicago PEACE Week, PEACE stands for "Partnership," "Education," "Arts," "Compassion," and "Enterprise." We join others at this charity event to advocate for positive and lasting change in Chicago neighbourhoods that are in need of revitalisation.

In the photo, Stewart and Arnold Perry Tchiegne Wandji show an inquisitive young tech expert our HARTING technologies. 

Top-league handball

HARTING in Germany

Did you know that handball is the second largest sport in Europe? For our boys at the German Handball Federation or GWD Minden, however, it is probably the largest. As main handball youth sponsor, we support the passion of our young professionals. In addition to encouraging the sporting team spirit of our handball players, we promote many other regional and national sporting activities. 


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Role models with heart and soul 

Our social commitment is deeply rooted. The Harting family itself has been committed to the regional and inter-regional infrastructure from the start. In this way, they not only create a home for HARTING employees, but for many other people as well. And they are role models. For our local subsidiaries around the globe, and for the people within their sphere of influence and beyond. 

In April 1956, Wilhelm Harting and other sport fans founded the Espelkamp Tennis Club, helped to build three tennis courts, and headed the club for five years.
The Hartings supported the construction of the Thomas Church in 1960. In 2002, Dietmar and Margrit Harting donated a bronze sculpture of St. Martin to Espelkamp's landmark.
The Northwest German Philharmonic Orchestra has a special place in Margrit Harting's heart. From 1993 to 1996, she was chairperson of the Board of Trustees at the Philharmonic Society of East Westphalia-Lippe. This was followed by her term as chairperson of the Philharmonic Society from 1996 to 2012.
The threatened closure of the New Espelkamp Theatre was successfully averted. In 2002, on the initiative of Margrit Harting, the council and administration of the town of Espelkamp entered into a private-public partnership with Margrit and Dietmar Harting in order to carry out urgent renovation work.
With the HARTING Technology Group's financial support, the Albert-Pürsten stadium shone in new splendour in 2014. It is now a track and field stadium that is unique in our Mühlenkreis region.
Thanks to Dietmar Harting, the Mittwald Sports Park (FC Preussen Espelkamp) has enjoyed a modernised clubhouse and two additional sports fields since 2017.
A great tribute to Margrit Harting: In January 2018, she was made an honorary citizen of the Leibniz University Hannover by University President Prof. Volker Epping.
2020: The Harting family is an investor in "Medici - The Espelkamp Medical Centre", a centre of excellence for medical and nursing services.



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