Connecting new energy with customer-specific solutions

Connectivity, i.e. the connection technology required for the transmission of data, signals and power, is playing a key role when it comes to the energy supply of the future. In the production and distribution of hydrogen, for example, connectivity is fundamentally important, as it is what guarantees the efficient networking of all components and systems to be deployed. This networking is essential for the implementation of an effective process flow, from the production through to the distribution and consumption of hydrogen.

Sustainable HARTING solutions developed for the hydrogen industry are offering connectivity in a variety of different areas. When monitoring and control are required for the production (electrolysis), storage, distribution and filling of hydrogen, both modular and individually configurable components as well as customer-specific system solutions from HARTING are finding use.

For example, in electrolysis, HARTING components and system solutions simplify the scaling of systems for the production of hydrogen. Precisely fitting cable sets and connectors that are tested prior to assembly reduce testing costs after final assembly. The HARTING RearFit solution saves costs by significantly reducing the efforts of assembly, testing and documentation. HARTING also offers suitable connector solutions for higher temperature and insulation ranges, as the resulting conditions can pose challenges for both electrolysis and fuel cell applications. New Han E high temp contacts with gold coating can be used in temperatures of up to +200°C and, in combination with their high-quality coating, reliably transmit important measurement data.

Compression and decompression in the hydrogen distribution process often renders it necessary to monitor all signals, such as pressure, temperature and valve positions. HARTING offers a range of connectors suitable for these applications such as the Han® B for standard requirements, the Han® EX for ATEX environments and the Han® M and Han® HPR for harsh environments. Moreover, thanks to its modular design, the Han-Modular® also enables effective signal transmission and the implementation of pneumatic connections.

Pre-assembled, precisely fitting and space-saving system solutions meet a wide range of requirements, including the demands for high flexibility and mobility. These solutions consist of assemblies with plug connectors and connection distribution boxes on the storage units. Thanks to certification, the plug & play function is also available to the hydrogen industry.

In order to enable the developers of infrastructure solutions such as electrolysis or storage technologies to concentrate on core processes and series production, HARTING, as a partner of Industrial Connectivity, lends its expertise in the specification, selection and development of the appropriate electrical connection technology. Drawing on extensive know-how and years of experience in the development and engineering of 
complete solutions, HARTING specialists are the backbone of the entire project management. And the accredited HARTING Quality and Technology Center (HQT) guides and supports the qualification, validation and, if necessary, approval of the developed solution.

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Matthias Wiehe
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