PushPull connection to PCB saves on assembly time

HARTING M12 PCB angled D coded with PushPull - a complicated sounding name used for a clever connection. The M12 for direct transmission from the cable to the printed circuit board is now immediately available for the fast M12 PushPull System.

HARTING M12 PCB angled D coded with PushPull

The M12 PCB connection is now also equipped with the fast, time-saving PushPull system. In the future, it will no longer require more space for the attachment of tools. Simply insert it and a secure connection is ready.

Ethernet is transferred from the cable to the circuit board: this is the goal of the new M12 PushPull PCB connection. The direct connection to the PCB comes in an angled D-coded female variant and thus provides space-saving switches with Fast Ethernet up to 100Mbit/s. The direct M12 PushPull connection to the PCB saves additional wiring, assembly space and thus space as well in a generation of devices that are becoming smaller and smaller.

Moreover, this means that these devices are themselves in turn can be used in ever-smaller installation spaces. This small change has a big impact in the way of miniaturization.