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HARTING Connectivity Solutions for Hazardous Locations

The Han® Ex NEC 500 Class 1, Div 2 product series is an extension of the Han® Ex product line. This series meets all the electrical requirements for implementing of high-quality connectivity solutions in hazardous locations in the Americas. 

What are Explosion Proof Connectors?

Explosion proof connectors are designed to be used in intrinsically safe circuits of categories "ia", "ib," and "ic" of explosion protection method "Ex .." The series can be used in Zones 0, 1, and 2 for gas and Zones 20, 21, and 22 for dust. The "Ex i" protection method guarantees intrinsically safe electrical circuitry that is limited for maximum voltage, current, capacity, and inductance. Explosion proof connectors are ideal for a wide range of applications where the substance being processed or transported is potentially explosive or combustible.

Comparison of Hazardous Location Connectors Standards

NEC 500 is the regulatory standard for electrical connectivity in hazardous/explosive locations in the Americas that compiles to requirements according to the EN 60079 standard. Similarly, the ATEX Directive complies to the EN 60079 standard for the European market and the IECEx standard complies to the EN 60079 standard internationally.

American Standards for Hazardous Location Connectors

This hazardous connection interface is designed to meet the requirements for ignition protection under a Class 1 Div 2 environment according to the American standard NEC 500 (National Electrical Code). This standard describes different areas of possible explosive atmospheres and complies to the EN 60079 standard for explosive location applications. The picture to the left shows an environment where different classes and divisions may reside. According to NEC 500 for Class 1 Div 2, the presence of flammable gas, vapor or dust, classifies a location as a Class 1 environment. Furthermore, Class 1 is subdivided into three divisions depending on the probability of flammable substance in the respective location sufficient enough to ignite with a spark. Division 2, in normal operation, is defined as an area with low probability of containing dangerous concentration of flammable substances and also contains the substance in a closed system.  

Specifications for explosion proof connectors

  • Certified to National Electric Code's NEC 500 Class 1, Division 2 standard 
  • IP65 rated (minimum) and up to IP67
  • Available sizes: 3A to 48B
  • Termination options: Crim, Screw, Han-Quick Lock®
  • Thread Sizes M20 to M40 for cable outlet 
  • Temperature range: -20 to +40 °C
  • UL file number: E482115

Explosion Proof Connector Features

1. Metal locking levers require tools to open

Advantage: Does not allow opening of levers by hand

Benefit: Prevents opening levers/connector unintentionally in an explosive atmosphere 

2. Quick connect and disconnect

Advantage: Increased installation speed without special tools and improved safety and vibration-proof 

Benefit: Reduces maintenance downtime and troubleshooting compared to hardwiring alternative 

3. High density contact inserts

Advantage: Increased number of poles within a defined profile 

Benefit: Space saving - ability to place additional conductors per each connector 

Han® Ex  Offering

Connectors approved for C1D2 environments

Han® Ex 3A

The Han® Ex 3A connector kits are available for requirements ranging from 3 to 12 contacts. The kit comes complete with hood, housing, male insert and female insert (crimp pins, if needed, are to be ordered separately).

Han® Ex B

The Han® Ex B family size is available for requirements ranging from 6 to 24 contacts. There is a wide range of options for building your connector. Various termination types, top or side entry hood and metric hood opening size are just some of the options.
Hoods & Housings