Launch of a new standard: M12 Power L-coded available for HMI 2016 in all variants

While the first versions of the new M12 Power sparked interest at SPS 2015, HARTING is entering the race at the Hannover Messe trade fair with the product range now complete. With smaller dimensions than previous power connectors, the L-coded M12 provides enough juice for power-hungry applications in the field. Consistent standardisation and new coding means that space and interfaces can be saved. The L-coded M12 sees HARTING lay the foundation for a new standard device connection and fully keep apace with the trend towards miniaturisation driving Industrie 4.0.

M12 Power L-coded connectors

Industry 4.0 has an increasing “appetite for energy” being driven by a growing number of nodes in automation. This hunger must be satisfied, and necessitates the formulation of new concepts. In addition to signals and data, more and more power is being transmitted.

The HARTING Technology Group has therefore helped spur the development of new industry standards in order to realise cross-manufacturer mating faces. The resulting new standard IEC 61067-2-111 is the basis for future M12 power connector solutions. The new universal mating face in L-coding also derives from the adopted standard. This standardisation work provides our customers with investment protection for the future and cements the M12 in place in the power connector Segment.

At 63V/16A, the 5-pole L-coding offers 0.75kW of power, making it ideal for small servo motors, field distribution boxes, fieldbus-controlled I/O boxes, power supplies and valve applications.

The PNO views the M12 L-coded as the future standard device connection slated to completely replace the application area of the existing M12 A-coded and 7/8” solutions. This will pass baton to a new generation of uniform and universal IP65/67 power connectors.

On the cable side, well-known HARAX® IDC connectors and crimp connections are available for straight versions in male and female variants. These boast the proven 360° shielding concept. HARTING has thus taken into account a market requirement that goes even beyond the requirements of the relevant IEC 61076-2-111 standard.

While even just a limited sample of our new small power solution successfully aroused the curiosity of visitors at the last SPS, all variants will be available to marvel at the HARTING stand in time for the Hannover Messe trade fair, as well as available on the market, or course. 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... GO!!