MICA users and developers unveil network

The MICA HARTING Open Computing Platform now has its own collaborative network. The first companies already using MICA for their applications and business models have teamed with HARTING to bring the cooperative MICA.network to life. Users and interested parties are warmly invited to attend the inaugural event.

Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Director Product Management, HARTING IT Software Development.

"We want to provide the users of our MICA with a platform for professional exchange, very much in the spirit of collaborative networks that Industrie 4.0 inherently brings with it," said Dr. Jan Regtmeier, Director of Product Management at HARTING IT Software Development GmbH & Co KG.

Consequently, the MICA.network platform rigorously promotes on the concept of cross-company cooperation. The participating companies bring with them know-how and decades of experience from a wide variety of industrial areas. This expertise can be implemented around the MICA in optimal fashion:

from intralogistics, supply chain, distributed MES solutions, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, the integration of existing machinery and systems through to modern IT systems, after-sales service, improvements in equipment efficiency, wireless sensor networks, and on to augmented reality.


All solutions benefit from MICA’s open hardware and software concept. Users can even develop and enhance the hardware and software themselves, or access existing components via their cooperation in the MICA.network. “Having a network here with experienced experts and ready-made solutions, while also offering our own expertise, is incredibly valuable for everyone involved,” Regtmeier explained. The goal is always to offer users an easy entry into Industrie 4.0 and thereby help all companies position themselves well for the future.

The founding members have a wealth of ideas regarding what can be done in the future. Both user meetings and joint marketing activities have been planned. In addition, initial ideas have been aired for a marketplace where users and customers can find ready-made hardware and software components, systems and solutions. The first MICA.network meet-up is slated for 30 June 2016 at the Robotation Academy (Fairground / Pavillon 36, 30521 Hannover), and MICA users and interested parties are welcome to attend.