GITEX fair in Dubai: Rinspeed car "Oasis" with miniMICA in the spotlight

The Rinspeed concept car "Oasis" is now in the spotlight at the GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) trade fair slated to take place from 14 to 18 October 2018 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). The focus is on the smart mini-industrial computer of the HARTING Technology Group, the HARTING MICA, together with its follow-on development, the miniMICA. The miniMICA is installed in the "Oasis".

The miniMICA represents the creation of a scalable and flexible architecture with which computing components can be interconnected in various ways. With the “Oasis”, both the pluggable modules as well as the configuration of the system can be tailored to the respective task of the vehicle as desired by the driver. "This makes resource-efficient use of the vehicle possible," says Dominik Nimmesgern, General Manager at HARTING Middle East, United Arab Emirates. Performance and features on demand – all of which can be seen in the "Oasis" booth of telecom provider Etisalat (Zabeel Hall / Stand Z1-A20, Z1-A10).

The HARTING miniMICA is built into the “Oasis” concept car from Rinspeed.

The exhibition will also focus on the HARTING MICA (Modular Industry Computing Architecture). With MICA, digitalisation projects can be implemented quickly and easily directly on systems plants and machines. The modular industrial-grade mini-computer enables a variety of application scenarios – thanks to modular hardware and flexible Linux-based open-source software that can adapt to any challenge. Everything is packed in robust mechanics designed especially for industrial environments.

"Thanks to the modular and open platform, the MICA can be configured with individual hardware, freely available software and suitable interfaces – wholly in line with the customers' industrial requirements," continues Nimmesgern.

With MICA, digitisation projects can be implemented quickly and easily directly on systems plants and machines.

In addition, HARTING solutions and e-mobility products will be on display at the trade fair.