The HARTING Technology Group comments on media reports

The HARTING Technology Group ("HARTING"), a global technology company, is the subject of a report in the business magazine "Capital" today. The report was prompted by the discovery of a HARTING RJ45 connector in the remains of a Russian missile in Ukraine.

We would like to comment on this as follows: 

HARTING decidedly and strongly condemns Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine and complies with the rule of the law, legislation and all applicable sanctions.   

With the start of Russia's war of aggression on Ukraine, the European Union did not impose a total embargo on Russia, but incrementally expanded existing sanctions. HARTING immediately defined and implemented an additional internal process to ensure legal compliance with all relevant sanction requirements, in particular those imposed by the European Union, the USA and the UK. 

The electronic monitoring (compliance engine), which has long been operational at HARTING automatically blocks sanctioned persons and companies and is constantly kept up to date. Moreover, HARTING has blocked all the products that are named on the sanctions lists.  

Since December last year, HARTING has halted all deliveries to Russia. Until then, the delivery obligations of the Russian subsidiary have been met in compliance with the applicable regulations - i.e. with non-sanctioned products.  

HARTING manufactures more than 30,000 standard products. Not one single product is specifically designed and intended for military use. The majority of HARTING components are products that are used in an extremely wide variety of ways.  

The products named in the media coverage are not "rocket parts", but standardised RJ45 Ethernet cable connections for the transmission of power, signal and data, and are manufactured by HARTING millions and millions of times over. These components can be found in PCs as well as in control or switching cabinets as well as in building automation. They are distributed by the millions across the globe. Therefore, HARTING basically has no influence on their specific uses and only very limited influence on who supplies these products to which customers and countries after their sale, or how or by whom the products are put to their final use. Nevertheless, since the beginning of the war, HARTING has made considerable efforts to ensure that its products are exclusively used in civilian applications. For example, HARTING subjected all customers in Russia to an extended scrutiny and monitoring and has terminated the corresponding customer and supplier relationships if the use of HARTING products was not unambiguous. 

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Detlef Sieverdingbeck
General Manager Corporate Communication & Branding