HARTING cheering the national handball team

Technology Group will be on location at the games during the World Cup

When the German national handball team hits the pitch at the World Championship in Egypt (January 13-31, 2021), the entire HARTING Technology Group will once again be rooting for them. HARTING is the official sponsor and premium partner of the German Handball Association (DHB).

The Espelkamp-based family business wants to actively support the team so that the handball magic of 2007 (World Cup title) and 2016 (European Championship title) can be repeated. "HARTING and handball - that's commitment, passion and emotion. That's why this partnership has worked so well for years," says CEO Philip Harting. As a long-standing sponsor of GWD Minden, the Handball World Cup offers a unique opportunity to make the HARTING brand even better known globally, as Philip Harting continues.

DHB Team

The German national team will kick off the tournament on Friday, 15 January 2021, with a match against Uruguay (kick-off 18:00). The match will be broadcast live on ARD and will therefore reach an audience of millions of viewers. The Technology Group is prominently visible by the distinctive HARTING logo on the players' trousers. In the main round, HARTING will also be present with a floor sticker.

HARTING has already been involved in the 2019 World Handball Championships and the 2020 and 2018 European Handball Championships. Philip Harting and his father Dietmar, who played actively himself in his early years, are avid handball enthusiasts.