Cookie Policy (TW)

1. We use cookies on our Website. These are essentially small text files which are stored on the PC, tablet or smartphone used by the visitor and which enable the use of the Website to be analyzed. HARTING uses cookies, for example, to detect the preferences of visitors and to design the Website to optimum effect on that basis.

2. The use of cookies facilitates navigation and offers a high degree of user-friendliness on a website. Cookies also help to identify particularly popular areas of our Website. They allow information to be retained for a certain period of time and the user’s computer to be identified. We use permanent cookies to improve the user interface and personalize the display of our services. We also use so-called session cookies which are automatically deleted when you close your browser. You can adjust the settings of your browser such that it informs you if cookies are placed on your device. This makes the use of cookies transparent for you

3. We use the following five categories of cookies on our Website:

I. Required cookies: These cookies are required to ensure that you can navigate on the Website and use its specific functions. For example, such cookies are used when products are placed in the shopping basket to enable you to leave the Website and continue to access the products in your shopping basket on your return.

II. Performance Cookies: These cookies record information on how visitors use a website, e.g. which pages they call up most frequently and whether they receive error messages from websites. These cookies do not collect any data on the basis of which users can be identified. All information collected with the aid of these cookies is anonymous and serves exclusively to improve the functionality and service of the Website. We therefore use performance cookies to prepare statistics on how our Website is used and to gauge the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.

III. Functionality cookies: These serve to provide the services you request, e.g. if you would like to see a video. Functionality cookies also serve to remember settings which you make on the Website (e.g. location). These cookies are not able to track your browsing on other websites and cannot follow where you have surfed on the internet other than on our Website. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide certain services requested by you.

IV. Personalization cookies: We use personalization cookies to recognize you if you return to our Website and to personalize contents and save your settings (e.g. your language preferences).

V. Targeting cookies: These cookies are used to match advertising with you and your interests in even more targeted fashion. They also serve to restrict how often you see an ad, measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign and understand people’s behaviour after viewing an ad. Targeting cookies are usually placed by advertising networks on the pages of the website operator with their consent. They detect if the user has visited a website and pass this information to others, e.g. advertisers. They are often linked to a website function which is provided by such a company. We use targeting cookies, therefore, to establish a link to social networks. These networks can then use the information on your visit to tailor the advertising on other websites to you and to give the advertising networks used by us information on your visit. This means that your browsing habits can be later used to present you with the advertising which may potentially be of interest to you. The explicit purpose of targeting cookies is to show the user advertising which matches their surfing habits. As a result, you may be shown offers from HARTING on other websites. In online marketing, this is called “re-targeting”.

4. We have tried to list all cookies that we and our technology partners use. Please note that this list is partly incomplete and will be updated gradually. Should you determine any discrepancy or think that a cookie is missing, please contact our data privacy experts at tw(at)

Tracking Cookies:

  • from Acquia Lift:
    • Ensures the function of the contact widget
    • Cookie name:
      • tc_ptid
      • tc_ptidexpiry
      • tc_ttid
      • other tc_* 
  • from Google:
    • Cookie name:
      • _ga
      • _gat_UA-101420669-1
      • _gid

Functional Cookies:

  • SSESS*
    • Drupal session cookie, is set only after a login
  • user_token-prod
    • from Identity Provider, is set at login 
  • contact_person-prod
    • contains the current contact person in the contact widget, which is also possible without login
    • this cookie is used to cache the API request
    • the contact person is determined using the language set in the browser 
  • country_language-prod
    • this cookie is set by Drupal and contains information on the user’s language and country preference
    • this determines numerous behaviours of the widget which affect how languages are handled. For example, the login page determines the language to use. 
  • current_country_language-prod
    • this cookie is set by Hybris and contains information on the user’s language and country preference
    • this determines numerous behaviours of the widget which affect how languages are handled. For example, the login page determines the language to use. 
  • HARKIS-personalizedData:
    • is used to show the returning user the correct language in the shop, even before logging in
    • is set directly upon calling the shop 
    • enables the "last visited products" component
    • is set the first time a product detail page is called 
  • JSESSIONID and variants:
    • enables the basic functionalities of the online store
    • is set directly upon calling the shop 
  • acceleratorSecureGUID:
    • enables security mechanisms in HYBRIS, e.g.: Page is only available after login
    • is set at login 
  • TS*
    • ASM (Application Security Manager, f5)
    • ensures that no cookies are changed in the interim

These functional cookies are used to gather information about the usage behaviour of our website visitors. We use this information to generate reports and improve our website. These cookies are a way of obtaining anonymised data, including user numbers, about where a visitor comes from, and about which page they are calling. For an overview of the Google Analytics privacy policy, please visit:

5. For more information about cookies, including information on how to set, organise, block or delete cookies, visit The website provides detailed instructions on how to set and delete cookies, depending on your browser type. You can set your browser to match your personal security level. At the bottom of this page, we have included references to cookie settings in different browsers to the extent that we are aware of them.

6. To learn how to manage cookies in your browser, please visit:

Internet Explorer:


Google Chrome: