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"Green is how we think, and green is how we act."*

*Board of the HARTING Technology Group

We take responsibility. For many years, we've been taking concrete steps for the workday. To date, we have implemented many environmental protection projects. But every great action also needs to start somewhere. By someone who leads by example. For us, that is the Harting family itself. Why is that? They have been living sustainably for three generations. They firmly integrated environmental protection into the Technology Group's vision more than 25 years ago. They also take environmental concerns seriously when planning future corporate strategy. That's good for our grandkids! 

Conducting our business and protecting the environment are not mutually exclusive. We are convinced that we must consider both in order to be successful in the long run.

Dietmar Harting
Member of the Board, partner, HARTING Technology Group

The goal of avoiding, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gases guides our corporate efforts to protect the climate. Avoidance and reduction are our top priorities here.

We're not trying to "greenwash" our environmental performance through compensation services such as offset certificates. We strive to have a sustainable impact on a healthy climate.

Philip Harting
Chairman of the Board, HARTING Technology Group

Our roots are strong

1989 – Start HAR-TY-Award - Environmental protection only bears fruit when it is really lived. Margrit Harting created the HAR-TY Award over 30 years ago as an incentive. The prize is awarded annually to the department with the best results in terms of occupational safety and environmental protection.
1991 – "One street, many trees: yes, an avenue!"
Employees at the Espelkamp site lend a hand to plant a row of Caucasian lime trees alongside plant 2. Today, this large green space invites you to linger on one of its shady benches.
1995 – In order to further improve its own environmental performance beyond the legal requirements, HARTING registers for the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) developed by the European Union.
1996 – We're always striving to get better. That's why we are laying the foundation for the continual improvement of our environmental management system with DIN EN ISO 14001.
2011 – First pool vehicles for shuttle services to run on electricity. Today, electric vehicles are available in the vehicle pool to cover all requirements. Our on-site charging points ensure that they'll always be ready for use.
2012 – HARTING relies on regional climate-friendly bio-methane. This helps us to save 5,430 tonnes of CO₂ per year. For comparison: with our combined heat and power plants, we could produce electricity for 1,000 four-person households and heat for 200 single-family homes annually.
2013 – The HARTING Technology Group begins converting its German sites to renewable energies. Today, we obtain 100 % of our electricity in Germany from certified German hydropower.
2014 – Another step has been taken. HARTING installs the first photovoltaic system at the HQT at the company's headquarters in Germany. Since then, we have been steadily increasing the number of our photovoltaic facilities.
2019 - Whether it's green spaces, insect hotels or photovoltaic facilities. When building our European Distribution Centre (EDC), we not only prioritised maximum energy efficiency and geothermal energy, but also optimised conditions for people and the environment.
2020 – Now that the first photovoltaic facilities have been installed at HARTING in Germany, the expansion abroad begins. Romania takes the lead.
Today, more than 99 % of the energy we use in Germany is renewable or climate neutral. We'll continue to improve in this area in the future and also focus more on our international locations.

Our small footprint is a big step

At HARTING, we are actively working to preserve the world in its beauty and diversity for future generations. Some days we take big steps and some days it's smaller steps. But we never stand still. 

In addition to renewable energy, we focus on measures and projects that protect the environment. The result has been positive! We've been able to drastically reduce our corporate carbon footprint* over the last few years.

*The Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF) represents a company's CO2 emissions. It is an important indicator of environmental performance.

"Never start to stop. Never stop starting."* 

*Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106 – 43 B.C.

To protect the world sustainably, long-term strategies are needed which are firmly integrated into the company's planning for the future. We rely on three pillars to move towards our environmental goals.

System & Effectivenes



Environmental protection is the responsibility of every individual. We are aware of this responsibility and set an example together.

Transparency & Standards

We measure our environmentally relevant material flows and energy flows and have international environmental standards in place to help us improve our environmental performance.

Climate protection​



We are continually optimising our energy efficiency and the energy footprint of our products and infrastructure. We focus on generating our own electricity and on renewable energies.


Green infrastructure

We realise our environmentally friendly production with efficient buildings, infrastructure, machinery, plant and systems.

Individual Mobility

We focus on climate-neutral mobility, by offering and supporting environmentally friendly mobility concepts.


We opt for environmentally friendly packaging and, together with our partners, are continuously improving our transport routes and means with the aim of achieving a climate-neutral supply chain. Our internal transports are climate-neutral.

Resource & Nature Conservation


Eco-design & circular economy

Environmental aspects are firmly anchored in the development and procurement process.

We adhere to our "White & Black List" to continuously

  • reduce
  • substitute
  • eliminate

hazardous substances.

Through our design and manufacturing concepts, we take the recyclability and optimal recycled content of our products into account.

"What we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow."* 

*Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, 1830 – 1916

The WE is decisive. Because in order to truly change something, it takes every single one of us. That's why we take environmental protection at all levels very seriously at HARTING. It is our employees, however in particular, who make a significant contribution to HARTING not only by thinking green, but by acting green, in their day-to-day actions. The following examples show how the Technology Group actually practices environmental protection throughout all levels and in consideration of various environmental aspects. 

"Climate protection company" for over 10 years

We are a member of the nationwide pioneering initiative Climate Protection Companies. In recognition of our exceptional achievements in climate protection and energy efficiency, HARTING received an official certification as a "climate protection company" back in 2011.

You can find out here why we received the award.

HARTING job bike

Like many other colleagues, Ralf Kröger leases his e-bike through HARTING as part of the "Job Bike" campaign – and he's thrilled with it! We asked him why. 

HARTING: Mr Kröger, what made you decide to lease an e-bike? 
Ralf Kröger:
First and foremost, I wanted an e-bike so I could ride it to work. I enjoy cycling. As a plant maintenance engineer, however, I'm on my feet most of the day. The option to lease an e-bike with a motor that I can switch on came just at the right time for me. 

HARTING: Do you use your e-bike regularly? 
Ralf Kröger:
I sure do! I ride it to work almost every day. Even when the weather isn't that good. I now have help during windy days. But I also use it privately to get from place to place and bike around during my free time. You wouldn't believe all the things you discover around your home that you had never noticed from a car. 

HARTING: This is probably familiar to all of us. What experiences have you had beyond that? 
Ralf Kröger:
When cycling, I not only arrive home relaxed after work, I also start the working day fresh in the morning. It hardly makes a difference in time whether I go to work by car or by bike. It also keeps me fit. My colleagues have said the same thing, by the way. We all agree that we've never cycled as much as we do now. 

HARTING: So, would you recommend it to others? 
Ralf Kröger:
(laughing) I think you could already tell from our conversation, can't you? Yes, I would recommend more cycling for everyone! You gain new impressions, while benefiting both your health and the environment. My wife and I are now even considering getting rid of our second car. 

HARTING: Well, we think it's a great idea. Thank you for our interview, Ralf Kröger! 

One-way is no more

What is already common practice in many countries has not yet become standard in some countries. Thus, the conversion of our subsidiary in Zhuhai feels all the more valuable. Since 2022, our colleagues there have been using only reusable dishes instead of disposable ones. Instead of drinking directly from bottles, people now drink from glasses. This not only reduces the amount of wasted water. We also save an estimated 1500 plastic bottles a year.



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