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HARTING User’s Guide Termination Technologies

The right termination technology plays a crucial role in connecting devices, machinery and equipment reliably and efficiently. Discover which solution fits best for your needs in our new user’s guide.

Innovative, quick-release connections ensure long-lasting flexibility and facilitate future-oriented modular structures. However, choosing the connector requires detailed knowledge and practical experience. Which connector solution is right for my application? This little manual has been put together by connector experts from HARTING.

The manual should help you to select components as well as install or assemble HARTING connectors and contacts. It contains instructions on proper and professional execution of terminations and provides the necessary criteria to check whether an interface is designed according to standards. The manual is divided into termination techniques, so you can find the right solution for your application quickly and easily.

The HARTING manual on termination technologies first appeared in 2008 under the title “Things to know about termination technologies for connectors”. This 2023 edition has been revised extensively. The depth of revision varies from one chapter to the next and depends on the technical innovations and changes to standards in the fields concerned.

You will discover:

  • Overview about the largest variety of termination technologies for industrial connectors
  • Assembly manuals & videos
  • Standards and guidelines
  • Application examples
  • Operating instructions
  • Related tools
Interview - Christian Geyer, CGS Prozessanalytik GmbH
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User’s Guide Termination Technologies

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