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PushPull Connector

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PushPull Connector

The PushPull connector is optimised for future applications and already meets the toughest of requirements. PushPull provides a secure transmission of data, signal and power in all capacity ranges and is one of the basic requirements for industrial applications. HARTING consistently implements these requirements within its range of versatile PushPull connectors.

The Range

For all markets we have different types, shapes and sizes of plug connectors for data, signal and power on an electrical basis and in various designs. Many different concepts have established themselves over decades of development. Square plug connectors, round plug connectors, waterproof designs, screw connections, connections to plug in and many more. With the PushPull connector we have future proofed the design to plugin on anyone's requirements. 

If you would like to get hands on with our PushPull connector, request your free sample now! Giving you the chance to explore the potential of the PushPull connector for yourself and experience the features and benefits of PushPull first hand. Don't miss out! 


"Safety first" in the NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY: Boyce Technologies Inc was tasked with keeping the city safe and informed and where else should they look other than HARTING Technology Group for their connector solutions! The right connector system in this instance was the PushPull connector, helping to connect new wireless communication consoles called help points, which will significantly increase the information and security standards in New York. 

These state of the art vertical help points required connectors that fit into slim enclosures, yet were also tough enough to withstand the rough environmental conditions of traffic applications. If you would like to learn more about this application click the link below! 

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PushPull Housing

The housing material used to protect the PushPull connector can combat the harshest of environments. HARTING has developed a new housing material that will protect from extremely aggressive chemicals such as cutting oils used for lathering and milling machines. HARTING has also developed a new housing constructed of die cast zinc, which will ensure EMC immunity within industry. 

To be more straight forward, the PushPull connector is one tough cookie. Not secure enough I hear? We at HARTING understand that gasses and liquids are unfavourable influencing factors, which any connection must be protected from. This is why our seals found in the housing of the connector provide a flush closure at a certain pressure to establish the tightest of connections. 

Additional Rotation Lock

HARTING's PushPull connector has an additional rotation lock which secures the PushPull's locking element when it is inserted, complimenting the already secure internal latching mechanism. The new locking mechanism is safe and intuitive whilst remaining easy to use. Designed with the customer in mind, the rotational lock prevents unintentional pulling and results in improved process reliability which is vital within any industry. Once connected, a correctly secured plugged-in connection is indicated by an acoustic click. 


Connection Alignment Arrows

The feature packed PushPull connector uses alignment arrows, which speeds up the connection time by indicating to the user which way to connect the male and female inserts. HARTING understands that your time is very important, which is why we wanted to reduce the time it takes for you to terminate a connection. By speeding up this process it reduces down-time of machines throughout all industrial applications; for example, if a production facility needs to be relocated or converted PushPull will increase the time spent 'live'. 

Time is a valuable resource or in Layman's terms time is money, so by transitioning to PushPull connectors you will reduce your overall costs. It is still the case that many connections must be established in order to connect control cabinets or switches, here much time is lost through the comparatively complex screwing of plug connectors, as opposed to quick and easy termination using PushPull technology - ahhhh the easy life (sips tea). 

Colour Coding

Want to match the correct inserts together quicker? Colour markings increase the speed of the plug and play connectivity. The colour markings ensure an easy mating process by giving you quick identification that the female and male inserts are correctly assigned with each other, advantageous in applications where there are many PushPull connectors installed side by side helping prevent incorrect wiring. 

PushPull Sample Box

  • PushPull RJ45 insert
  • RJ45 socket assembly
  • PushPull bulk head mounted housing
  • Assembly instructions
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