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Here at HARTING, we would describe our culture as being quality orientated which is represented through the products we deliver to our customers as we aim to exceed their expectations. HARTING has a strong reputation within the industry which is demonstrated through the professional manner by which the organisation conducts itself, which can be seen through every staff member. We are open, friendly, approachable, honest and constructive. These characteristics encourage our staff to be innovative when creating solutions for our customers.

Thanks and appreciates its staff, has really good social events for team building!

I always feel well looked after and my input is valued.

The management team are very understanding with work and personal life balance.

I feel we have a very approachable senior management and HR team.

Staff at HARTING
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Our vision

  • We want to shape the future with technologies for people

  • We want to become a global company

  • We want to create values for people

HARTING as an employer has a clear position and policy, expressed in the statement “People Power Partnership“. We have formulated our claim clearly and with authenticity, as a new HARTING employee you will experience this in action!


We are an independent, caring family business, which traditionally focuses on people to this day. After all, it is the people who fill the company with life day after day, help shape it and make sure it is successful. Accordingly, the interaction with each other is respectful – and being close to the family owner, as well as to the executives, is the cornerstone of our corporate culture. For us, each and every individual counts – and that's why personal appreciation and a family-friendly personnel policy are a matter of course here.


We operate in a market environment that is changing rapidly. That's why we offer our employees optimal conditions for entering new markets, driving innovation and tapping into growth potential. How does this work?

By pooling and strengthening all our capabilities and assets. This is achieved through intensive and interdisciplinary cooperation, training and further education offers with state-of-the-art learning methods and diverse development and promotion opportunities. Because only with employees who are fit for future challenges can we support our customers on their way to Industry 4.0.


We are experts in connections. We connect: people with people. People with the HARTING family. And people with opportunities. We quickly integrate new employees and create the trust on which every successful partnership is based through a clear employee orientation, a family-friendly atmosphere, secure jobs and our social commitment. As an independent, down-to-earth company, we make our contribution to ensuring that our success benefits everyone.

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