Established in Zhuhai for the Consistent Cultivation of the Chinese Market

Marcus Goettig, General Manager HARTING Zhuhai Manufacturing

China factories - automation on the shop floor

Providing Services for the Asian-Pacific Region to Win the Future
Over the past 20 years, the HARTING (Zhuhai) factory has been consistently fulfilling the development idea of “local for local.” Besides of the great endeavor in the Chinese market, it renders services for the entire Asian-Pacific region.

The history of the HARTING (Zhuhai) manufacturing factory goes back to 1998. Since China joined the WTO in 2001, the significance of the Chinese market has increased remarkably. For the purpose of achieving better performance in the Chinese market and better services for Chinese customers, HARTING has been accelerating the “local for local” deployment in China, which was marked by the establishment of a new factory in Zhuhai in 2007, including local R&D activities. In the meantime, the Zhuhai factory has become one of the largest fully integrated production sites of the HARTING Group in the world. Over the years its product portfolio has expanded from a single product range of PCB connectors to a complete product range of data, signal and power lifelines. At the same time, the Zhuhai factory is able to deliver localised customised solutions.

Explorations and Practices of the production mode “local for local”

Combined with the production mode of "local for local", products and services of Zhuhai factory meet the local demands of China. The diversification of products and services also placed greater demands for the HARTING (Zhuhai) factory.

With regard to standard products, the fully automated assembly, fitting and testing equipment have enabled mass production. In terms of customised local solutions, the Zhuhai factory has developed the closed-loop capabilities for demand analysis, local R&D, local production and local supply chain management. The ISO 17025/CNAS certified independent laboratory can be used to test, verify and release products, in order to meet the various needs of Chinese customers for rapid response, on-time delivery and environmental protection.

The HARTING team in Zhuhai.

Creating the new green digital factory

In the spirit of the HARTING vision of “shaping the future with technology for people”, the Zhuhai factory will positively assume corporate social responsibility plan future local for local strategies based on the two dimensions of greening and digitalisation. The goal is to become a 100 % sustainable production site, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the park. Furthermore, research on solar panels is underway in order to drive self-sufficiency in energy consumption forward in the next years. Digitalisation aims to eliminate the data islands in automation and create the data chains consisting of data from production planning, manufacturing, storage, logistics and other production links. A key emphasis is placed on building an MES system to realise intelligent management of on-site production and energy consumption.

As a leader in the industry, HARTING has roots in China for 30 years. The Zhuhai factory has been contributing to the sustainable development of Chinese society together with the Group at all times.

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Marcus Goettig
General Manager HARTING Zhuhai Manufacturing