System cabling for Armor™ PowerFlex® Drives

The Allen-Bradley® Armor™ PowerFlex® Drives include Han® industrial connectors on the device side. HARTING provides suitable cable assemblies, connector sets and accessories.

Save money and time during the installation due to plug and play

HARTING offers the right plug-in cables product for the new PowerFlex® series. By using tested HARTING products, the installation time can be reduced to a minimum. In case the cables are to be assembled in the field, there are also suitable connector sets, consisting of housing, insert, contacts, seal and gland. Further accessories for power distribution based on the Han® connector portfolio are also available.

The PowerFlex® frequency converter with customized connection cabling from HARTING.

Connectors suitable for ambient conditions

HARTING Han® industrial connectors can be implemented with various types of housings. This ensures that the plug-in connection is optimally protected for the particular ambient conditions. The degree of protection is always IP65 or higher.

System cabling in the eCatalogue

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