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Robert Haddick
Business Manager ANZ

Robert, the Business Manager Australia in charge of the whole Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), has been with HARTING since 2008.

Rob’s daily work include working closely with the OEMs to deliver the connectivity solutions by providing complete understanding of the HARTING products and details how they will benefit from using HARTING products in theirs.

With a background in Electronic Engineering, Rob has over 25 years of experience covering Design Engineering, Production Engineering, Supply chain management, Sales & Marketing and Project Management. This background has given him the confidence in making decisions with the support of the technical knowledge and able to create customer-focused proposals which is also HARTING’s core value, to put people first.

“With my experience of managing large and complexed projects, from the initial design phase right through to the end of the project, I gather knowledge to understand our customers problems and their needs, allowing me to provide solutions which are in line with what they need.

“In the days of a fast-changing world, working with a company that can develop new products to match with the emerging interconnection technologies is important and HARTING is this kind of company.”

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Matthew Gay
Field Sales Engineer

Matthew Gay has been working in HARTING since 2012. As the Senior Field Sales Engineer, he works closely with the HARTING customers of the whole NSW and Queensland areas by providing them the full support on the technical aspects for OEMs, system integrators, end-users or distributors in different industries such as mining, rail and machinery.

Matthew’s job entails combining sophisticated product knowledge, technical expertise and good business sense. With long years of experience in the interconnect and cabling industry, it provides me the right product knowledge to ensure I cover all technical and commercial aspects and being able to advise on suitability of solutions based on the applications and environment.”

“To put yourself into customer’s shoes is important.” Matthew said “To let them know you are here for them, understand their problems and able to provide the right solutions to them is the key to gain their trust. I like to work out alternative configurations to highlight on the pros and cons of each design; in the end, I like to ensure my customers get the best suitable connectivity solution for their applications.”

When being asked why the customers should choose HARTING over other brands, Matthew said: “HARTING as global company with its extensive product range is the perfect partner for your connectivity requirements. We have a global network of plants, distribution centers and are innovation driven. Together with our local knowledge in rail, mining, machinery, automation and energy, this is the perfect recipe to provide excellent customer service.”

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Nick Zhong
Field Sales Engineer

Nick joined Harting in June 2021 as a Sales Engineer. In his first year at Harting, Nick focused on strengthening relationships with both Harting global and local distributors.  From 2023, Nick is going to expand his customer base in Harting target markets in VIC, TAS, SA, and WA.

Prior to Harting, Nick was a Sales & Application Engineer in electric motors with wide range from few watts to few thousand kilowatts across different industries i.e. medical, defense, automotive etc. 

‘ I like sharing my previous application experiences with Harting customers and hopefully bring some new ideas to their projects.’ 

Harting is an innovative company with consistent expansion on its product portfolio. In the upcoming years, I look forward to work closely with all stakeholders and support your project delivery to end users successfully.   


HARTING has set foot in Australia since 2008, click here to learn more about HARTING in ANZ.