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We supply the connection technology for transmitting data, signals and power in railway applications. We use this technology for Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures (e.g. for sensors and passenger information systems). We also specialise in high-power applications, including the interfaces for drive motors.

Benefits / Advantages at a glance

  • Our global network of experts provide you with speedy, qualified consulting.

  • Get everything from a single source: so you simplify your logistics.

  • Customised solutions provide a quick, cost-effective adaptation to your requirements.

  • Miniaturisation and integration: so same functionality requires less space.

  • HARTING electrical cabinet solutions result in up to 80% less installation time.

  • Secure and reliable planning supported by decades of experience in the railway sector.

  • Our wide range of services simplifies the engineering and product acceptance processes.

  • Customised simulations and tests executed by our in-house accredited laboratory.

  • Our wide range of products in each series helps to reduce engineering work.

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