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First modular battery swapping system in the world

A smart solution for charging and swapping a wide range of batteries supported by Han-Modular® - the market standard for modular connectors.

The successful cooperation with startups has a long tradition at HARTING and we are always listening to new ideas and visions. Energy transition is one of the main global challenges and creativity from startups all over the world is an important lever to power the necessary reduction of our carbon footprint for a greener world. HARTING shares his knowledge and always tries to provide the best possible engineering support for new solutions.

The battery swapping and charging station for micromobility

Swobbee offers a safe and cost-efficient solution for managing light electric vehicle fleets for sharing, logistics, and quick-commerce companies. Their multimodular battery swapping stations, designed and produced in Berlin, support the transition to clean urban mobility.

What makes Swobbee unique is that their stations can charge various types of batteries used in e-bikes, e-cargobikes, e-scooters, e-mopeds, among others. All in one station!

To ensure a smooth charging process, Swobbee employs a smart battery monitoring system that collects vital data on battery health and charging safety. Customers can conveniently check the battery's charge level on a user-friendly dashboard, which also offers real-time operational tracking.

Additionally, Swobbee offers an intuitive app that allows customers to easily reserve and swap batteries at the stations, enhancing their overall experience.


Swobbee battery swapping station
Easy battery swapping for an electric scooter
First modular battery swapping system in the world

Modular connector enables high flexibility and future viability

Startups need to react fast if changes in the market appear. That's why Swobbee looked for more than just a supplier. They were looking for a partner with whom they could discuss on an equal footing. The modular connector solution chosen transmits power, data and signal. The connector offers a wide range of possible extension and upgrade options for the future.

However, connectors are not always easy to use in the environment of energy systems, especially, where no direct view is possible or access is restricted.

The Han-Modular® Docking frame enables blind mating without visible contact

For such environments, HARTING has developed the Han-Modular® Docking frame that guide both sides of a connector into the right position for a so called "blind mating". This ensures a secure installation of the battery charging units.

We as a startup have many challenges. One of them is to be highly flexible in our engineering process. We've got many engineering change orders and fast product iterations. We need partners who support us in our engineering work. That's were HARTING has been a great partner in the past years to us.

Stephan von Wolff
COO, Swobbee
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