HARTING Czech Republic: 25 years of success across the board

This was also a point that Chairman of the Board Philip Harting emphasised during a gala evening celebrated with customers, employees and representatives of the German-Czech Board of Trade in Palais Martinic: “The decision to locate in the Czech Republic was a thoroughly worthwhile step. It quickly became clear to us, after the political changes and upheavals, that this region was a promising market for the future. It was therefore the obvious decision to strengthen our activities in Eastern Europe and, in the course of our internationalisation, which began in 1979, to gain a foothold here as well.”

Das hob auch der Vorstandsvorsitzende Philip Harting während eines festlichen Abends mit Kunden, Mitarbeitern und Vertretern der Deutsch-Tschechischen Handelskammer im Palais Martinic hervor: „Die Entscheidung für Tschechien als Standort war ein durch und durch lohnenswerter Schritt. Uns ist damals schnell klar geworden, dass diese Region nach den politischen Veränderungen und Umbrüchen ein zukunftsträchtiger Markt ist. So lag es auf der Hand, unsere Aktivitäten im Osten Europas zu verstärken und im Zuge unserer 1979 begonnen Internationalisierung auch hier Fuß zu fassen.“

Since then, the country has flourished, so that in the following years the neighbouring countries were also considered for expansion. “Within a few years, starting in 2003, our subsidiaries in Romania, Poland and Hungary were launched - including our recently expanded production facilities in Sibiu and Agnita, Romania, and the newly opened assembly plant in Bydgoszcz, Poland,” Philip Harting continued.

Marek Sucharda, Managing Director HARTING s.r.o., shared Philip Harting’s enthusiasm and added: “Here in the Czech Republic, we are expanding our market share with a committed team and strict customer orientation. Our good market observation and top contact to our customers and users also help us achieve this.”

HARTING CEO Philip Harting (left) and Marek Sucharda (right), Managing Director HARTING s.r.o., were pleased with the positive development in the Czech Republic. Andrej Schvarc (center), Managing Director Blumenbecker Prague s.r.o., thanked for the good cooperation over the years.