Ever more compact, lighter and faster

With ix Industrial and Single Pair Ethernet HARTING is showing Ethernet communication products and the technology of today and tomorrow. Miniaturisation is one of six trends marking the evolution of Integrated Industry and describing the benefit for the customer. Components and complete machines are contracting in all areas of industry and automation. Digitisation is also diversifying smart devices and de-centralised processing power out in the field. Where large data highways and branched bus systems used to prevail, increasingly intelligent components such as camera systems, sensors and actuators are now taking high-speed Ethernet out to the furthest field levels. They are the lifelines of an increasingly powerful and rapidly networked industry.

ix Industrial®: miniaturisation comes to the field. HARTING connection technology saves space for device construction.

In order to provide device manufacturers with suitable interfaces for miniaturisation, HARTING has created a new series of smaller alternatives to established sizes in the connector sector. What was once achieved with a RJ45 is now covered by ix Industrial®. It’s smaller, but nevertheless more robust and capable of up to 10GBits in terms of speed.

For applications where users are dealing with operating materials or other environmental impacts, it can take fast Ethernet to sensors with HARTING M8 D-coded that wouldn’t have reached their place of deployment with the M12.

This approach doesn’t stop at the housing wall. Miniaturisation is also a regime that can be applied to circuit boards. Thanks to clever transformer integration, M12 Magnetics achieves space savings of up to 30%, and simplifies conductor path routing.

And, because miniaturisation still has a long way to go, HARTING is pursuing research and development in T1/single pair Ethernet transmission technology.

M12 Magnetics: Miniaturisation is also a regime that can be applied to circuit boards.

In the spirit of Connect & Collaborate, HARTING as the SPE transmission solution provider is reaching out for the support of reliable technology partners such as LEONI and Reutlingen Business School.