Solutions for Data Centres

Simplified troubleshooting to increase system availability

IT systems are only ever noticed when they fail. HARTING solutions can help to simplify troubleshooting and reduce downtime.

IT systems are only ever noticed when they fail. They now form the backbone of day-to-day operations in all industries. High reliability of IT infrastructure and short average repair times after system failures are therefore essential.

In the context of an IT system, two key performance indicators play a major role: MTBF and MTTR. MTBF stands for Mean Time Between Failures and refers to the average operating time between two failures. MTTR, on the other hand, stands for Mean Time To Repair and refers to the average duration of repairs to failed IT systems. Combined, they form the basis for calculating system availability:

MTBF / (MTBF + MTTR) = System availability

MTTR as the key to increasing system availability

In a data centre, additional processes and infrastructures, such as air conditioning or the uninterruptible power supply (UPS), are also controlled and protected via control cabinets. Troubleshooting for control cabinets can be time-consuming and often requires specialists.

The cause of the fault does not have to be in the control cabinet, but can also on the device itself. Both parts have to be checked.

Time-consuming troubleshooting for control cabinets

Sometimes several cabinets must be opened to isolate the fault. Fuses in the terminal block inside of the control cabinet must be measured by skilled workers.

Simplified protection of control cabinets

With the Han® Protect, HARTING have developed a new connector that simplifies protection and reduces the required installation space in the control cabinet. Inside the connector (in Han® 3A format) there is an insulating body that adapts an M12A-coded five-pole connector and integrates a 5x20 mm miniature fuse.

In the event of a short circuit, the latter ensures that the supply to connected units is quickly interrupted in the event of overvoltage.

With Han® Protect blown fuses can be identified with an LED outside of the control cabinet

The housing of the Han® Protect is mounted on the outside of the control cabinet, so blown fuses can be identified without opening the cabinet and replaced without the need for tools.

This means extensive fuse terminal rows are no longer required and the control unit remains protected. Savings of up to 30% of the hood or housing installation space are possible.

ORV3 standard also contributes to increased uptime

Regarding server rack units, the open ORV3 standard, defined by the Open Compute Project (OCP), also helps to increase system availability: The reduction in complexity through standardisation enables simple and fast service for power components used in large numbers in huge data centres.