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System concepts for the most important trends in the railway industry


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Manufacturers of railway vehicles continuously try to reduce the energy consumption per passenger-kilometre driven. Weight reduction is one of the most important drivers in this respect, but this is just one of the major trends. In order to meet communication demands, rail vehicles need powerful networks and data interfaces which meet the special requirements of rail transport. The connectors must be surrounded by robust housings and, just like the cables, shielded against electromagnetic interference (EMC).

In this Web-Seminar you will learn how HARTING system solutions can help to achieve:

  • Weight savings, e. g. due to the replacement of distribution boxes and shorter cable runs
  • Time savings during the whole installation process
  • Longer lifetime due to optimised design against water, dust and ice
  • High-speed data transmission in limited space
  • and more ...


Andreas Mehringer
Global Account Manager
HARTING Deutschland


Malte Hofmann
Globaler Marktmanager Verkehrstechnik
HARTING Electric GmbH & Co. KG


Denny Hellige
Global Product Manager Han® HPR / HC
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HARTING Web-Seminar: System concepts for the most important trends in the railway industry