Direct sealing on the switch cabinet wall

The new Han® HP Direct housing series dispenses with the classical bulkhead mounted housing and replaces it with two so-called mounting flanges. The standard hood consequently forms a seal directly on the switch cabinet wall. This translates into clear space savings.

Han® HP Direct housing

Installation only requires the mounting flanges to be screwed to the switch cabinet wall. The well-known standard panel cutouts of the Han® B housing series can be used for this. One side of the contact inserts is secured to the mounting flanges, the other side is screwed into the hood.

After mating, the hoods are attached to the mounting flanges via robust screw locking. Incorrect plugging can also be prevented by using two coding elements on the side of the mounting flanges as well as on the side where the hood is.

The classic sizes of 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B are available. All sizes are available with side or top entry in sizes M20, M25, M32 and M40.

The new Han® HP Direct housing system is available in three Versions:

  • Standard variant for indoor industrial applications: features a grey powder surface with classic NBR seal
  • EMC variant, for applications where a high degree of EMC protection is required: features an electrically conductive surface and seal
  • Outdoor version for outdoor applications: features a black powder surface and UV and ozone-resistant FKM seals

All variants come with IP protection classes IP66, IP68 and IP69K in the mated state. The hoods are made of corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminium. The Han® HP Direct housing series is mainly intended for the Machinery & Robotics and Energy areas, but can also easily be used in other applications.