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Welcome to the world of digital twins! At HARTING, we are resolutely driving forward the development and implementation of digital twins and already have over 18,000 products with a digital twin in our range. Digital twins will fundamentally change the way companies develop, manufacture and operate their products and processes. Join us on the journey.

Digital twin – just one of HARTING’s digital services

Digital twin – just one of HARTING’s digital services

What is a digital twin?

Digital twin technology is already revolutionising industries such as aerospace, automotive and healthcare. But it can also be used by any company that wants to improve the efficiency, reliability and innovation of its operations. 

A digital twin is a virtual image of a physical system, such as a machine, a production line or an entire plant. Created through a combination of sensor data, advanced analysis and simulation tools, the digital twin enables engineers and operators to monitor and optimise systems in real time, predict failures and simulate scenarios for future improvements.

At HARTING, we are driving this development for our products so we can provide our customers with a wide range of digital twin data!

What solutions does HARTING offer for the digital twin?


We offer comprehensive AAS data as a download for our products.

"AAS" stands for "Asset Administration Shell" and refers to a standard interface for digital twins in the context of the Industry 4.0 concept. An Asset Administration Shell is a standardised digital representation of an asset, such as a component, machine or production line, that enables seamless communication and interaction with other digital systems.

The AAS data is organised in a structured way according to an open standard from IDTA (International Digital Twin Association), using a data model that allows different systems and applications to interact with the Asset Administration Shell in a standardised and interoperable way. This enables seamless integration and communication between different systems and applications.

IDTA's open approach is intended to make it easier for anyone, including small and medium-sized businesses, to access the technology and thus be able to participate in the data-driven economy.

HARTING products we store in the Asset Administration Shell include:

  • Smart 3D models
  • Classification data according to ECLASS
  • Object dependencies
  • Selected media assets 

HARTING Engineering data

Our engineering data is part of the digital twin and can support you with the design-in process for your application.

We offer a variety of different types of native data such as EPLAN, ZUKEN E3, ALTIUM, neutral 2D & 3D CAD models, symbols & circuit diagrams and other technical specifications.

Our engineering data enables a fast and error-free integration of HARTING products! The neutral and native formats support a more efficient product development, as well as a seamless process chain from planning to production.

Our engineering data saves valuable time and money along the entire value chain, as manual as well as error-prone activities are eliminated.

Individual engineering data is available for download in the E-Shop under the product image and the product details.

For downloading data for multiple different products at once, we offer our "Download Data Packages" service.
This service allows you to download data for many different products in just a few clicks (learn more). This service can also be used as a stand-alone tool via the product data manager or directly in our online configurators.

Electronic component catalogue

We offer a complete electronic component catalogue for all our products with current product master data and media for use in your processes.

HARTING provides its electronic component catalogues in various data formats. Primarily we supply XML files (in BME Cat standard or as CSV file) with ETIM or ECLASS classification data.

Application examples:

  • You are a user and need technical information for the design-in
  • You are a user and need commercial and logistical information for your procurement processes
  • You are a distributor and need commercial product data for your product range design and technical product information to pass on to your customers

For more details on available versions and languages, please contact us.

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