har-modular®: Modules for power, signals and data – ideally combined

Device development in the industrial arena is advancing in ever shorter cycles. At the same time, devices are becoming more and more compact, presenting challenges for developers looking for the right solution for all the data, signals or power they need to transmit. Geared to facilitating the developers' work, HARTING is offering a solution with har-modular® that is opening up an entirely new scope of flexibility on PCBs. 

As a modular principle, in terms of size and architecture, har-modular® is based on the DIN 41 612 ledges that have been in use for many decades. Instead of relying on a large number of rigid solutions as in the past, har-modular® now provides a modular system of different modules for the transmission of all vital lifelines by way of a convenient online configurator.  

As a result, developers can combine and order the individual modules for power, signals and data that are customized and fine-tuned to their applications. The various modules enable a trillion possible combinations meeting every conceivable application and can be ordered as from batch size 1. This means that prototypes can be fitted very quickly, flexibly and cost efficiently, while series production can also be launched. This highly flexible concept is absolutely new on the market and underlines HARTING's self-perception of leading the way with pioneering and innovative concepts in the development area. 

har-modular® is a modular principle: The various modules enable a billion possible combinations.