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PCB connector HARTING har-flex®

Small, flexible, robust: Discover the har-flex PCB connector from HARTING.

Smaller, more powerful and more robust at the same time is the credo in all areas on the way to Industry 4.0. The miniaturized design and high variability of har-flex® PCB connector provide device manufacturers with a freely scalable connection technology that enables them to meet the demands of miniaturization. 

Signal, Data and Power - the har-flex® PCB connectors offer a wide range of connection solutions for printed circuit boards, featuring diverse designs and pole counts.



Control cabinet space is money in machine and plant construction. Depending on the requirements of the customer application and the packing density of the IOs, stringing together 50 or more IO modules is quite common. It quickly becomes clear that each millimeter saved in the width of the individual module has a significant influence on the space saved in the control cabinet. 


HARTING har-flex

har-flex® Power PCB connector

In addition to the standard har-flex® in 1.27 mm pitch, the har-flex® product family also offers connectors with 2.54 mm pitch. har-flex® Power was specifically designed for the transmission of high currents between 18 A and 29 A

The flexible pole numbers from 2 to 12 are made possible by a modular manufacturing concept. Moreover, users can choose between SMT and THR power contact versions. har-flex® Power PCB connectors are available in straight and angled design and can be used in parallel (mezzanine) board, extender card and motherboard-to-daughtercard configurations.

Thanks to the same form factor, har-flex® Power and Signal can be used together on one PCB. This allows a strict separation of signal and power, while maintaining a coherent connector system.

har-flex® Hybrid PCB connector

A special feature of the har-flex® PCB connector family and the modular manufacturing concept is the combination of signal and power contacts: the birth of the har-flex® Hybrid. This makes compact and versatile connection solutions possible, which are ideal for miniaturized PCB systems.
har-flex® Hybrid connectors are available in straight and angled versions and can be used in parallel (mezzanine) board, extender card and motherboard-to-daughtercard configurations.

By using hybrid connectors, space and effort can be saved on a PCB - ideal for modular IO systems and other control applications.

har-flex® Signal PCB connector

The familiar har-flex® PCB connector with the proven 1.27 mm pitch is ideal for miniaturized industrial applications. Pole numbers from 6 to 100 in steps of 2, paired with a wide variety of straight and angled designs and IDC cable connection versions result in a diverse range of possibilities. Customers can implement new and smaller systems without compromising robustness.

Even customized versions are possible on request. The trend is increasingly moving away from standardized rack solutions towards modularized devices which require miniaturized and customized PCB arrangements.

Various pole counts from 6 to 100 in all designs

Both straight and angled versions as well as the IDC cable connectors are available in all even pole counts between 6 and 100. This is made possible by an innovative modular manufacturing concept, redefining customized versions to standard components. The use of the precisely fitting number of poles and design allows highest flexibility in device design and supports the miniaturization of devices.

Ready for Industry: SMT and THR hold-downs

har-flex® PCB connectors are available with SMT and THR hold-downs. Hold-downs increase the robustness of the connectors and reduce the stress on the contacts. The THR version combines the mechanical stability of through-hole technology with the advantages of modern reflow soldering. This makes the THR version particularly suitable for applications where high transverse forces can occur, such as rectangular PCB combinations and blind mating.

Many mating cycles and reliable contacts

HARTING places the highest standards on the precision of the har-flex® contact springs, which are given a defined and high-quality contact surface by a special polishing process. This process gives the contact point a particularly high quality. In conjunction with the standard plating for Performance Level 1, this guarantees a reliable electrical connection for at least 500 mating cycles.

Safe handling: locking levers and strain relief

Locking levers on the sides of the IDC cable connectors ensure a reliable electrical connection, even under high shock and vibration loads. Optional strain relief protects the IDC connection from tensile forces on the cable.

Customized IDC cable assemblies

Cable assemblies are available:

  • in any pole count from 6 to 100
  • in customized lengths
  • with and without strain relief
  • AWG 30/7
  • 0.635 mm pitch

har-flex® HD - Card Edge PCB connector

The one-piece connectors of the har-flex® HD - Card Edge series with a contact pitch of 0.8 mm allow printed circuit boards with a thickness of 1.6 mm to be plugged directly.

Due to the small number of contact points, the HD-Card Edge connectors can be used in high speed applications with data rates of up to 25 Gbps. Pole numbers from 20 to 140 and optional hold-downs (SMT or THR) allow the user to adapt the connectors to their individual industrial requirements.

High speed up to 25 Gbit/s

The HD-Card Edge is predestined for the transmission of data and thus completes the triad "Signal, Power and Data" within the har-flex® family.

Ready for Industry: SMT and THR hold-downs

Connectors of the har-flex® HD-Card Edge series are available with SMT and THR hold-downs. The hold-downs increase the robustness of the connectors and reduce the stress on the contacts. If space saving on the board is a priority, users can also resort to versions without hold-downs.

Any mezzanine distance thanks to adapter PCB

Card Edge connectors can be used to achieve high distances between parallel PCBs in mezzanine applications. The adapter board can also be customized.

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