HARTING Manufacturing

HARTING Manufacturing is a company of HARTING Nederland BV. The production company, like its Dutch headquarters situated in Den Bosch, provides the integration of systems and modules and the assembly of cables for industrial applications. Our team of more than 24 competent employees know their way around the most common data, signal and power cables and industrial connectivity components. HARTING Manufacturing mainly works for clients of HARTING Benelux.

ESD Safe Work

Electronics components are sensitive to static discharge, also called ESD ‘Electro Static Discharge’. Work in the HARTING Manufacturing EPA (Electro Protected Area) is done on an ESD safe floor and at safe working surfaces. Employees wear ESD safe clothing and shoes. Special packaging materials and internal material handling systems prevent ESD discharges caused by people or static fields.


HARTING Manufacturing is able to take complete engineering projects off your hands. Even if you have your own in-house engineering capacity, outsourcing may be advantageous. After all, we know exactly what is and isn't possible in the production stage.

Intensive quality programme

The error rate in products is minimised during production. HARTING Manufacturing has an intensive quality programme in place. Each single product leaving production is tested for operation and technical compliance using high-quality testing equipment.


Production planning, transport of your products to various locations, keeping sufficient stock, so that your production process does not come to a standstill. When you outsource the logistics process to HARTING Manufacturing, you can focus on your core activities and articles will never be out of stock.

Lean Manufacturing

HARTING Manufacturing follows the Lean Manufacturing philosophy. It aims to achieve maximum value for the client, reducing waste as much as possible. The lean manufacturing and efficient logistics of HARTING Manufacturing result in efficient operations and a competitive cost structure.

Learn more?

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