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Customised industrial connectors

The new HARTING Han® Configurator makes your digital twin come alive. The user can now reach perfect fit solutions without compromises due to new customising functions.

The Han® Configurator is an online-tool for the design of industrial connectors. It enables users to quickly and easily design the optimal interface for their application. Only components or specifications that meet the requirements and are compatible to the rest of the connector can be selected. Users benefit as the tool ensures the configuration is done right the first time. Moreover, they can easily integrate the result into their own processes, as the solution found is immediately available in a digital form.

HARTING Han® Configurator - What is the new customising function about?

Customising connectors

With Han-Modular®, HARTING already offers a comprehensive modular system from which individual connectors can be generated that are tailored to the requirements of an industrial application. With the new customising function of the Han Configurator® , we are again expanding the scope for tailor-made products based on the Han® portfolio.

With the tool, the user can individually design connector components and find the optimum solution for their problem. The tool reduces the time it takes to create specific requirements and shortens the path from the drawing board to manufacturing.

The user can define the number, size and position of cable entries. They can also apply individual laser markings to identify cables and equipment. Immediately after completion, the design data is available for download and the user can order the custom-fit solution. Engineering processes will not be interrupted as small quantities, even down to batches of one are possible.

3D view of an individual industrial connector
HARTING Han® Configurator Customsing

Automated manufacturing of customised connectors

The Han® Configurator represents a continuous process, ranging from design and product development right up to the production environment for the manufacture of the connectors. For the customer, design support shortens the time between design and delivery of the component. HARTING benefits from the “digital twins” of the interfaces that manage their manufacturing processes.

Right from the start, the customer is a partner at eye level. The configuration tool assists with customer requirements by suggesting solutions and helping with the selection and adaptation of components. Unsuitable combinations of elements remain hidden and faulty designs are removed from the very beginning.

Once the design has been completed, the user receives the 3-dimensional data, type sheets and parts lists that make up the created solution, allowing them to transfer it to their own engineering environment.

Individual manufactured Han® industrial connector

From a customer’s perspective, the Han® Configurator expands the variety of available solutions. The user can be sure that they will receive the best possible product for their task.

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