Han® PushPull Power L in robust metal format makes connection easier

PushPull connectors are used with PROFINET cabling as an integrated installation system for data and power transfer to production facilities in the automobile industry. In order to simplify the wiring process for large conductor profiles, HARTING is now offering Han® PushPull Power L connectors in a robust metal format with more room for installation.

Han® PushPull L Power 4/0 Metal

To minimise power loss, cables with a profile of 2.5mm² are finding increasing use for long cables for carrying 24 V supply voltage.

Increased installation space makes cable assembly with larger conductor profiles a lot simpler out in the field – not least thanks to the user-friendly Push-In spring-cage connection.

The appropriate metal panel feeds - also with spring-cage connection - plus mounting housings and circuit board adaptors - are also available for dust- and splash-proof integration of interfaces for 24 V power supply to automation components.

All components comply with the requirements of PROFINET cabling guidelines, ensuring unrestricted connector compatibility with all automation devices and components. The best cable diameters for cabling are between 9 and 13mm. Sealing inserts are available as optional accessories for particularly small cables with a diameter of 4-6.5mm. The connector system complies with protection classes IP65 and IP67, and all components have the same visible polarisation diagram, meaning that the correct connection position can be found quickly and intuitively during the connection process.