"There is no place for xenophobia and exclusion in Germany"

The HARTING Technology Group takes a stand on the remigration plans of right-wing extremist and right-wing populist activists and politicians from the AfD and representatives of the planned "Values Union" for people with a migration background: "These ideologies call into question the basic principles of democracy and human dignity. We vehemently distance ourselves from this kind of thinking and behaviour! In view of our history, there is no place for xenophobia and exclusion in Germany either," says Philip Harting, CEO of the HARTING Technology Group, taking a clear stance.

However, the proposal by leading politicians from the governing coalition to ban the AfD is extremely unwise! While the desire to counter such ideologies is understandable, bans can have unintended consequences, such as increased support for the banned group and further alienation from the current political system.

"We consider it important to tackle the causes of such radical ideologies and to address all of our challenges in a democratic, critical discourse," says Philip Harting. Citizens' discontent and the rise of the AfD are due to the fact that citizens in this country no longer feel understood and represented by politicians.

No place for xenophobia! Philip Harting finds clear words.

The democratic engagement of citizens and sound education are the most effective means of dealing with extremist views in the long term. Bans and repressive measures are the wrong approach.

People with a migrant background have made a significant contribution to the economic success of our country for decades. And this must remain the case. After all, diversity in Germany is of course not just a source of labour, but also a driver of innovative ideas and skills that contribute to Germany's economic dynamism and competitiveness. In a globalised world where talent and investment flow across borders, an open and welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds is crucial for economic success. A policy that promotes diversity and inclusion is not only an imperative of humanity, but also a key factor for long-term economic success and prosperity. Only in this way can Germany continue to be successful as a business location with an international reputation.

"The town of Espelkamp, home to our main plant for almost 80 years, is a remarkable example of successful integration," explains Philip Harting. Since 1945, many people in Espelkamp, displaced persons from all over Europe and beyond, have found a new home in our town and in the HARTING Technology Group. Espelkamp was founded after the Second World War as a result of the Marshall Plan and quickly developed into a place of refuge for displaced persons and refugees. This initial settlement by people of different origins laid the foundations for the town's multicultural identity. It shows how integration can be achieved through active participation, mutual respect and the promotion of understanding and tolerance. Espelkamp is a shining example of how diversity and inclusion can lead to a stronger, more united community.

"Espelkamp's cultural diversity is the town's trademark and HARTING is fully committed to it," emphasises Philip Harting. As a globally active company with cooperation partners, customers and employees, this openness, diversity and respect is not only a matter of course in Espelkamp, but also at the company's locations worldwide. The economic future depends to a large extent on the diversity and creativity of all employees. 

Philip Harting: "We stand up for democracy and speak out against populism and xenophobia."

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