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Future Proof Connectivity For Industrial Transformation


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With the fast growing adoption of IIoT and Industrial 4.0, it is vital that connectivity between systems and field devices not only need to be reliable, robust but as well be innovated to address future challenges.

In this customised web-seminar “All for Ethernet II - Future Proof Connectivity For Industrial Transformation” we will be sharing various connectivity solution about F&B Production, Robotics Application, Railway Engineering, etc in ASEAN and ANZ, to make your industrial connectivity“tomorrow ready”.

Join our web-seminar, you will discover:

  • Customised connectivity topics for ASEAN and ANZ
  • Application in F&B Production, Robotics Application, Railway Engineering
  • All-rounded solutions
  • New Ethernet interfaces


  • Language: English
  • Date: September 16, 2021
  • Duration: 60 minutes incl. Q&A session

Food & Beverage Applications

Machines and interfaces for the packaging and food industry must be resistant to water, dust and aggressive environmental impacts. We offer a broad portfolio of solutions for the transmission of power, signal and data specifically in such environments - solutions that fit your requirements exactly, be it a product combination or a pre-assembled solution.

Transportation Engineering

We supply the connection technology for transmitting data, signals and power in railway applications. We use this technology for Ethernet backbones and data infrastructures (e.g. for sensors and passenger information systems). We also specialise in high-power applications, including the interfaces for drive motors.

Robotic Applications

Robotic trends: miniaturisation and modularisation. We support you with highly efficient solutions, such as modular connectors that transmit power and signals between the control cabinet and the robot. Our portfolio also includes easy-to-plug data interfaces for connecting the actuator technology and sensors at the robot head.


Gary Lim

Product Application Manager 
HARTING Singapore Pte Ltd.

Gary has more than 15 years of Sales and Marketing experiences in the field of Industrial Connectivity and Electronics solutions. 

On-Demand ASEAN and ANZ web-seminar - Future Proof Connectivity For Industrial Transformation

Web-seminar selected FAQ

Q1. Which zone is the Han® F+B suitable for?

Han® F+B is ideal for any system where daily washdowns or steam cleanings are performed, principally in zone 2 (splash zone) but also in some applications in zone 1, the food processing zone.

Q2. In many cases, the load and stress situation are different. How can HARTING help in this case?

HARTING can help on topic testing and simulation.

  • Simulation of customer specific track profile to determine exact load and stress situation on the jumper during operation.
  • Simulation of loads and material stresses to determine the best combination of components (connector geometric, string relief ,cable)to meet exact customer requirements.
  • Jumper cables tested in own Jumper cable test centre.
  • Qualified support accrording to design adjustments after evaluation of test results by the Jumper Competence Test.

Q3. With the combination of Data, Signal and Power in one connector, will it affect the data transmission?

The individual module had been designed and tested that there will not be cross-talk or interference between the modules. Of course, the termination and assembly need to be done in the correct way.

Q4: Regarding to the miniaturisation of the data RJ45 plug and HARTING’s new ix industrial® and T1 Industrial – what application does HARTING see respectively? What is the current adaption rate?

There is really a wide range of applications possible – in addition to the typical automation device uses, we are seeing applications like drones, medical equipment, industrial communications etc. and regarding the current adaption rate that is rather a continuous process. If new designs are initiated, companies are looking for hardware that provide a clear advantage and things like “less space on the board”, “latching mechanism” and “rugged design to withstand handling, shock and vibration” some of those important advantages.

Q5: Can see that HARTING M12 portfolio consists of mainly A-, D- and X-coded. Are there any plans to extend the portfolio and how does HARTING differentiate against the other competitors?

Yes, we have extended the portfolio by a M12 power version – L-coded; and the K- and S-coded versions have recently (or will) been launched.

Regarding the differentiation – of course we have standard A and D-coded patch leads in our portfolio; heavily used for sensor-based applications. But another “sweet spot” for us are harsh environments in general and applications like railways, where connections have to be shook and vibration resistant. Our M12s crimp version is used extensively for instance for rail onboard installations. And of course IDC types are complementing our portfolio and offer the required flexibility for our customers

Q6: What is the HARTING test lab which was mentioned in the presentation?

The test lab which was mention is the Corporate Technology Services (CTS) department which inspects the products to ensure their quality as an independent service provider for the entire HARTING Technology Group.

The laboratory is accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2018 for testing of electro-mechanical components, fibre-optic and electronic transmission systems, geometries and material properties and for EMC testing for CE-mark certification.

They assist with product development and product certifications, design innovative enabling technologies and provide technical consulting.

Conformity assessment, effective qualification of processes and products (name 1~3 example)

  • Computer tomography for analyzing and measuring components
  • Dimensional measuring technology (2D, 3D coordinate measuring)
  • Surface and material analysis: light microscopy, X-ray fluorescence analysis, plastic analysis, scanning electron microscopy, focused ion beam (FIB)
  • Dimensional, electrical, mechanical and reliability inspections on micro-electromechanical systems
  • Corrosion tests, protection class tests, climatic tests
  • Electrical tests, mechanical tests
  • Vibration tests with climate overlay and current load
  • Tests on fibre-optic components and systems
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC emission, EMC immunity)
  • Testing of RFID system components
  • Signal integrity (analysis in the time and frequency ranges)
  • Conformity tests of Ethernet protocols
  • Software and system integration tests

Q7: You mention about doing cable assemblies and customisation. Can you share more?

Industrial engineering are under great innovative pressure; the expectations are, now more than ever, for specially designed, versatile, tailor-made solutions. The best answer to these special customer requirements are individual, customized high-quality solutions. Which drives us toward the topic of Han Modular / Har Modular where customer can have a personal customized solution. Same goes for cables assemblies where many customer need uniformity and peace of mind with company that have a good quality check/assurance system.

As for more complex project requirement which here at HARTING, we can pool our comprehensive expertise, technical support, engineering, service and testing resources to tackle such challenging tasks.

Q8: From time to time, I need to develop new BOMs or make changes to existing BOMs; I know HARTING is supporting with 3D drawings when I request from my Field Sales rep but what other online engineering and ordering tools is HARTING providing?

Can start highlighting (1) myHARTING , (2) Han® configurator , (3) Product Data Manager (50-part numbers), (4) eShop and further elaborate on the tools and advantages.

Q9: What is the maximum number of modules can be used in Han-Modular®?

6B=2modules, 10B=3, 16B=4, 24B=6, 32B=8 (2x4), or L32(1x8) 

Local web-seminar FAQ answered
Local web-seminar FAQ answered


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