Han® Protect: Connector simplifies troubleshooting and increases system availability

Important processes within industry are regulated and safeguarded through control cabinets, e.g. the air conditioning or the uninterrupted power supply (UPS) of buildings and systems. HARTING has developed the Han® Protect, a connector that simplifies the protection of such infrastructure and reduces the required installation space for interfaces and fuses in control cabinets. 

The Han® 3A size connector adapts a widely used M12 A-coded interface for I/O signals and integrates a 5x20mm miniature fuse. The latter ensures that the downstream control system is protected in the event of a fault. The connector is mounted outside of the control cabinet so that, with the help of LEDs, blown fuses can be detected without opening the cabinet, and be replaced without a tool. Extensive fuse terminal rows are no longer required.

Han® Protect with A-coded M12 interface and integrated miniaturised fuse
Simplified troubleshooting to increase system availability