Meet our in-house AutoCAD Engineer




HARTING offers a wide range of customised solution offerings to our customers such as cable assemblies or complex integrated systems. To esnure we deliver our customer's customised solutions project we need to have an experienced team with knowledge, a creative eye and a skilled problem solver. One such person that helps us to deliver these solutions is our very own experienced in-house CAD Engineer, Janita Patel.

Janita Patel - AutoCAD Engineer

What makes Janita so great? Let’s find out… 

Tell us a bit about your background?

"I have a BSc Degree in Engineering. I worked for a lift control manufacturer’s company for 6 years as a designer. While working for them I developed circuit design skills and gained control panel testing experience. After that, I worked as a project/design engineer for a hydraulic valve Instrument manufacturer for 2 years."

What does your role entail?

"Custom designed cable assemblies that are ready to install are an integral component of countless applications. Designing a cable assembly can be difficult and challenging. Other than custom-made cabling assemblies, we offer our customers the best options for their application by providing modified products according to our customers requirements. In addition, we offer new developments by designing and implementing new solutions which match the requirements of our customers. All of these value adding services are achieved by providing drawings with dimensions, wiring schedule and bill of material, the complete package."

How can you help customers?

"We take the hassle away for the customers. By offering customers cost effective and reliable cable assembly solution and providing full assembly drawing (3D/2D)."

HARTING are renowned for their quality, how can you help achieve this in terms of Customised Solutions?

"Communication with customers to understand the application is vital. This helps us design the best solution for the job. Also, regular training so I can understand the products and where they can be used."

What is your favourite part of your job?

"I enjoy creating bespoke cable assemblies/enclosure designs.  The time frame from designing to manufacturing and testing a product can often be several months and it is very pleasing to find out that you have contributed to a successful outcome."