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About Industrial PC

Industrial PCs are mainly employed for data acquisition and/or process control purposes. In certain areas, industrial PCs are employed as a front-end for another control computer within a distributed processing environment. Advanced industrial computers are used in manufacturing to improve productivity, efficiency and uptime. These PCs help connect data, people and machines in real time to control manufacturing operations. 

The growing need for automated process control has been spurring demand for industrial PCs these days.

Why T1 Industrial is good to be used on the Industrial PC?

Benefits in a glance

  • Miniaturised device sockets and field-attachable connectors
  • Reflow-compatible device socket with four robust shield contacts
  • IP20 cable assembly, overmoulded
  • 360° shielding – best EMC performance from cable shield to circuit board
  • Robust and long-lasting stainless-steel locking mechanism

Why T1 industrial is good to be used on the Industrial PC?

Most of the ethernet interface that Industrial PC use is standard RJ45.

Compare with standard RJ45, T1 use the metal latch which  is much more robust, while the standard RJ45 sometimes is not robust enough in some applications because of the latch can be broken easily.  

Also T1 is smaller than RJ45. It uses only 2 wires and can perform the same functions while RJ45 needs at least 4 or 8 wires.

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Benefits in a glance

  • Robust and miniaturised design
  • Economic PCB connectivity with fully automatic processability  
  • Many pole counts available
  • Product diversity with different connector styles
  • Flexible PCB separation distances between 8 and 13.8 mm and four different stack heights 
  • Cable assemblies 

Why har-flex® is good to be used on the Industrial PC?

Industrial PC equipped a lot of function boards, which means the mother board use only one bus for interface but the there could be a lot of different types of daughter card and needed to be  exchanged easily. har-flex®can fit into this kind of applications very well since the pins range of har-flex®count from 6 to 100 and the height of the mezzanine options are from 8mm to 20mm. It gives a lot of flexibility to the engineers.

About servo controller

A servo controller is the heart of a servo system. A typical servo system consists of a motor, feedback device, and the controller. The controller is to close the loop on the system by constantly looking at the encoder signal and applying a torque to the motor in order to control it

Why ix industrial® Industrial is good to be used on the servo controller?

Benefits in a glance

  • Extremely reduced space
  • Future proof Cat. 6A contact and shielding design
  • Robust connection to the PCB with 5 THR shielding pins
  •  Extended lifespan with 5,000 mating cycles
  • Robust active locking system

Why ix industrial® is good to be used on the servo controller?

  • Servo controller became smaller and smaller, which means the I/O interface need smaller size.
  • It is very often that the servo controller is using DB9 in their device but DB9 has 9 pins only, while ix Industrial has 10 pins which is a perfect replacement of DB9. Also ix Industrial has 5,000 cycles mating and un-mating which is much higher than DB9 which has 500 cycles only.

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Benefits in a glance

  • Rapid, tool-less connection of single wires with Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC)
  • Push-in-spring-cage connection and screw connection up to 2.5 mm²
  • Low processing costs with automatic mount (SMT) and reflow soldering process
  • High level of rigidity on the PCB with side, large-area SMT fixings (1.27 mm and 2.54 mm) High packaging density in pitches 1.27 mm and 2.54 mm
  • PCB terminal blocks and PCB connectors in 1.27 mm, 2.54 mm, 3.50/3.81 mm and 5.00/5.08 mm pitch

Why har-flexicon® is good to be used on the servo controller?

Inside the servo controller, there are some cables to board connecting application. har-flexicon® is the connector as the cable to board inter-connecting, so har-flexicon® fits this application very well from pitch 1.27mm to 10.16mm.

About automation cabinet

The rapidly changing markets in the age of Industry 4.0 place high demands on modern, complex product concepts such as monitoring and control technology cabinets in automation technology.

As a specialist in automation technology, HARTING can flexibly adapt our products to your devices and processes. In doing so, you benefit not only from our wealth of experience over the years and our project coordination expertise, but also from the efficiency of our in-house manufacturing.