Third Industrial Ethernet Week focuses on generative AI in manufacturing use cases

1 February 2024 --- From 27th to 29th February 2024, the HARTING Technology Group will be hosting Industrial Ethernet Week and lots of interesting thought leaders for the third time. Industrial Ethernet Week 3 focus on Generative AI in manufacturing use cases, chances and challenges in factory network installation and modern ways of device design with the help of data models. Over three days, guests from various global industry market leaders and HARTING's connectivity experts will showcase the current development of industrial transformation. Using insightful use cases, discussions, presentations and tech sessions, the speakers will present solutions and best practices that will continue to drive developments in 2024.

Day one focuses on AI and IIoT platforms. Amazon Web Services will show how generative AI is already being used in industry today and what developments can be expected in the future. The programme continues with a demonstration of AI- and IIoT-supported flexible smart factory platforms from ICONICS and Mitsubishi Electric. The first day will conclude with a panel discussion on the implementation of AI solutions in manufacturing.

On the second day, we will take a look at the installation of high-performance networks in factory applications. Test equipment specialist Softing IT Networks will show how to recognise and solve common problems with end-to-end Profinet cabling applications. The associated challenges of on-site installation and possible solutions will also be discussed. HARTING's connectivity experts will then provide valuable advice on industrial Ethernet connectivity in harsh environments, showing tested cable assemblies for plug & play use. The end of day two will focus on engineering data and how it supports developers in device design.

The third day will focus on modern approaches to device design with the help of design-to-source platforms. Product experts from Belden and SICK AG will show how Single Pair Ethernet connects the field level with existing Ethernet networks and Würth Elektronik will shed light on the topic of Power over Ethernet (PoE) in interface design. The week will conclude with an open discussion on the topic of cost and risk management in new electronics designs.

The guests include thought leaders from Belden, Amazon Web Services, Sick, Halerium, Mitsubishi Electric, Iconics, Würth Elektronik, SPE Industrial Partner Network, Softing, Supplyframe, IoT UseCase. Together with HARTING experts, they will report live from the HARTING Forum in Espelkamp and stream online to more than 50 countries worldwide.

HARTING will be joined by experts from a range of global market leaders during Industrial Ethernet Week.

The focus topics of the three days are:

Day 1 – AI and IIoT Platforms
Day 2 - Factory Installation
Day 3 - Device Design

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