Solenoid systems


Many companies in the automotive and supplier industry, as well as in many other industrial sectors, rely on the outstanding performance and reliability of the electromagnetic systems from HARTING Automotive.

Automotive industry

In automobiles, HARTING Automotive is represented in a wide variety of applications with its solenoid systems: steering systems, circuits or locking and safety technology are just a few of the many elements that must function safely and reliably in vehicles. So it is with good reason that companies from the automotive and supplier industries rely on quality products from HARTING Automotive.

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Pneumatic suspension

We offer tailor-made cable assemblies, such as complete cable harnesses, for our customised solutions.

Heating of salon

We offer tailor-made cable assemblies, such as complete cable harnesses, for our customised solutions.

Crash active headrest

Reversible electromagnets with trigger function are used for shock protection. When used in anti-collision head restraints, they help improve occupant safety and reduce the risk of injury.


Modern touchpads for automotive consoles have tactile feedback for improved usability and ease of use. Our magnets are also responsible for this function.

Steering wheel adjustments

Some steering wheels can be adjusted in their height and length to ensure a comfortable sitting position. Our magnets help the driver to position the steering wheel as needed and secure it in this position.

Automatic seat adjustments

Two people using the same car can immediately find the ideal seating position for each of them: thanks to our magnets, the seat is always locked in a saved position.

Gear selection lock

For automatic gearshifts, our magnets contribute to improved safety by enabling a gear selection lock function. This prevents incorrect operations.

Glove box lock

Thanks to their reliable locking of the glove compartment, our magnets ensure safety and protect against unpleasant surprises.

Ignition key withdrawal lock

In the ignition switch, our magnets improve safety by preventing incorrect operations. They prevent the unintentional removal of the vehicle key from the ignition switch while driving.

Parking lock

Step on the brake and then release the parking lock: For automatic gearshifts, our magnets prevent operating errors. This ensures improved safety and outstanding ease of use.

Damper systems for engine mounts

In switchable engine mounts, our electromagnets result in more driving comfort as well as improved vibration and noise characteristics.

E-charging cable lock

We offer tailor-made cable assemblies, such as complete cable harnesses, for our customised solutions.

More industries

Our customised actuator products and solutions are also in demand throughout other industries. Our solenoid systems are the products of choice wherever separation, lifting or locking is required. Their extremely compact size makes them suitable for use in the smallest of spaces. The solenoids are characterised by their short switching times. Their high quality ensures a long service life.

Automotive Markets


When depositing and withdrawing money at ATMs, our magnet systems help ensure that the banknotes are sorted properly.

Household appliances

Our magnet systems carry out a variety of functions in washing machines and dishwashers. These range from switching off the water supply in the event of a malfunction, locking the door, and dosing the detergent.

Circuit breakers for building installation

Circuit breakers are indispensable for building installation. Our magnets provide reliable support for this functionality.

Access systems

Important applications for our products are for door locks as well as for access, door opening and locking systems. The reliable opening and closing of such access systems in ensured using classic magnetic functions such as holding, switching, triggering and locking.

Sorting systems for letters and parcels

Switching points must be controlled in order to sort letters and parcels. This is a task that is reliably taken over by our magnet systems.

Weighing of raw materials

The weighing of raw materials is controlled using the locking function of the magnet.

Locking mechanism for packaging machines

Classic magnet functionality is used to implement locking mechanisms within packaging machines.

Sorting systems in tablet presses

The sorting area inside tablet presses is another task that our magnets support.

Electrical cabinets

Our magnet systems ensure safety within medium-voltage switchgear equipment, safety positional switches and motor protection switches. They are used to make sure that electrical devices are switched off in the event of a malfunction and to ensure that the voltage is interrupted whenever the protective guards are not closed.

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